Like many other first time mama's I felt like everything was happening so quickly. I wanted to freeze time and soak it up. My husband bought me my DSLR and I played and played with it until I learned how to take a picture that I was pleased with. It gave me a way to remember while time moved by so quickly. I found I enjoyed  the creativity it allowed me when the walls of our little apartment felt like they were closing in.And this is another way for me to document and pass down our little families history. 

As our little family grew time for photography diminished. So, I'm committing to putting away my iPhone and pulling out my big girl camera weekly. Freezing, whatever moments I want to remember forever. I'll put my weekly links here. 

I love capturing other people's family too. I know what it's like to want the stage to be remembered and I love giving that gift to others. If you're interested in having me take some of your pictures email me at

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