Tuesday, September 20, 2016

to California

We took a rather long detour on your way to Tucky, by way of Southern California. I knew that making it back to the west coast wasn't in the near future for us, so I asked Caleb if we could please visit California before we moved to see our family. The drive across country is the same distance starting from Southern California or Boise, so it really only added a day of driving for us. We had a two week gap between when Caleb ended one job and started the next which gave us plenty of time to see our family and make it to Kentucky.

We spent the first couple days my sisters in Santa Clarita and then headed to Bakersfield to see Caleb's family. We surprised the kids with a trip to Disneyland and had a wonderful time there. I know, Disneyland is way too crowed and way too expensive, and I think a day in nature with my family is almost always better than a day at a theme park, but I was excited to share it with my kids. My parents took my sisters and I to Disney before my mom died and it's one of the few memories I have with my mom outside of a hospital so I think I'll always have soft spot for it. All my sisters and I love it there. This trip only Debbie and Abigail couldn't make it and they were missed! But we made the most of it and Yiayia and Papa made the trip down to go with us too! Taking Everly wasn't the easiest and I ended up going home early with her, but knowing the kids had such a great time was good enough for me.

The girls highlight was seeing the princesses. They loved it. I was also surprised that Vanessa has a bit of a daredevil in her and she enjoyed the fast big rides. Although, she didn't like Splash Mountain I felt terrible taking her on it, until I found out the only reason she was crying uncontrollably was because she got a little wet. I even put a sweater over her so she wouldn't get too wet, but she felt the water and that was enough to put her into hysterics. Elijah was thrilled going on the rides with his cousin and all things Star Wars was his favorite. He was even picked as the Rebel Spy during Star Tours and had his face on the big screen. He'll remember that forever. 

After our fun filled day I woke up and our plans changed a bit. I wasn't feeling great and I was having a hard time keeping my left eye shut. Katie came in the room and with one look thought I should go to Urgent Care. I saw a doctor who spoke very broken English and told me I had facial palsy and it would never go away. I was in shock. First of all, I didn't have a clue what facial palsy was. And second, in the time I waited it had only gotten worse. I couldn't close my eye at all and I lost control of the left side of my mouth. I started to cry and he abrubtly left the room. I went out to my car to call Caleb and tell him the news. Caleb said not to worry, (he never worries about anything) and we'd get a second opinion. After spending the day on the phone talking to a number of different doctors offices and trying to get into someone I finally connect with a doctor who gave my a more hopeful diagnosis. He said I had Bells Palsy, but the chances of it being permanent were extremely small. He explained the virus to me and wrote out some prescriptions. It limited me a lot over the next couple weeks and was terrible timing for moving across country, but I'm much better now. I still have some side affects, but the more time that passes the better it gets.  

From there we spent a couple days in Bakersfield. It was short, but we got to see all our family, including Caleb's sister and brother in law who were home on furlough. The cousins played like they had never been apart and Everly was passed around and kissed on the whole time. I'm thankful that even though it was busy and short we had the time together. 

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