Sunday, August 28, 2016


Our move to Kentucky felt (actually still does feel) like such a whirlwind. Although, the talk of moving had come up and we knew there was a potential for a job change, it didn't seem real. It felt like a far of, never going to actually happen, conversation. So, when Caleb was offered a job at Southern Seminary, the same day Everly was born, it shocked me a bit. I'm actually still in shock. But here we are and even though we were a bit surprised by it all God was not. This was part of his plan for our family all along. That's so comforting. 

Between Everly being born and Caleb not having time off at his old job before we moved, we weren't able to come to Kentucky to look for a house before we moved. My parents very graciously offered to come look for us. I really don't know what we would have done if they hadn't come. So much of this move and our new house was made possible because of their selflessness and generosity. We are incredibly thankful for such wonderful parents! They flew to Louisville and looked for three straight days, but didn't find anything. My dad knew how important some land was to Caleb and didn't want to give up looking until he found it. I didn't want to be too far away from Caleb's work and those two desires made finding a home pretty challenging. When they boarded the plane to come home and we had no options for a place to live I really wondered what we were going to do. God has always provide amazing homes for us with incredible stories of how we got there and I knew this would be the same, but I was anxious for us to have some answers. Well, when my parents landed they stopped by a place to eat on their way home and my dad pulled up his computer to look and see if anything popped up while they flew home. It was right then that he found the house. They drove right over to showed us the house they thought we should get. After spending three days looking for homes, they had a good feel for where we might want to live. It wasn't too far from work and had a gorgeous big yard. My parents said that the location was ideal and we weren't going to find anything like it. 

When I saw pictures of the house my heart sank a little. It was a real fixer upper. We were moving across the country, starting a new job, and had a baby. I really didn't know about taking on this house. But when Caleb asked me what I thought, I knew there wasn't even a question. We were going to get it. My feelings were all over the place, but God gave me a peace and I knew this was where we were supposed to be. We only saw the few pictures online, had no idea of the lay out, and knew there were a number of things that needed work, but we put our offer in and it was accepted. 

Now here we are and there are days I want to cry, and do cry, cause there is so much work. I'm exhausted, but it's our home and we are so excited about making it our own. The kids love it and I haven't ever doubted this is exactly where God wants us. We are taking on projects and the first major one is the Master Bedroom and bath. We've already painted almost every room in the house, pulled up some carpet and done a lot of cleaning. It's helped make the place more livable while we start taking on the bigger projects one at a time. I love a good before and after and I love see what people do with their homes, so I thought I would invite you all to follow us while we take on our own fixer upper. 

Our focus during this process will be to create a home that is centered on glorifying God in all we do. We hope the home we created is a joy to our children and each other and a place that will be used for serving and blessing others. We want to enjoy the process and not just long for the result. Of course we will be working with a budget and that will influence much of our decision process. We also want to update the home without completely changing the feel of the home. 

Here is the major reason we bought this house....the land.

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