Tuesday, May 10, 2016

slowing down

It's a day that Everly needs a little more attention and I've found myself holding her for the last couple hours. She's peacefully sleeping on me now. I feel slightly guilty sitting here and not working. There's so much to be done, but I can't get myself to lay her in her crib. I keep holding her, partly do to the fact I'm afraid she'll wake up again if I lay her down, and partly because I've never regretted holding my children. The times goes by so quickly and being the forth, she gets less rocking time than any of the others. So, even though I have plenty to do, I'll cherish this time. 

These last five weeks have absolutely flown by. I think on top of regular business, packing the house up and working on all that requires a move across country has made things move even faster. I look at my baby and the newborn stage is already over. I'm thankful that she's a great sleeper and mostly very easy. It's helped with the transition of everything else going on. The other children are as in love with her as ever and Caleb and I are pretty taken with her too. What a gift this new life is. 

Her baby book is packed up, so this is a good place to record the little things I don't want to forget. She's the smiliest baby. I love the way she looks at me like she knows exactly what I'm saying and smiles. She moves her hands all the time. Is starting to sleep 8 hours a night. Does not like the car or being alone. All of the kids like to hold her and fight over who's turn it is to be next to her. They sing lots of songs to her and hate to hear her cry. Elijah wishes she could sleep in his bed with him. I love the attention they give her. What a blessed girl to come into the world so loved. It's made me think of the hundreds of children that that's not the case. I ache for them and hold Everly a little tighter. 

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Katherine Rourke said...

Lovely picture and words. Hold them tight and try to remember the feeling of it.

We have lived through major life transitions/events with babies, and I know all too well that your move is not an easy thing. Rest in God's timing; be easy on yourself and look for the simple blessings along the way. I look forward to hearing more details of this next "season."

Love to you.

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