Friday, May 20, 2016


It's our last night in our first home. It feels surreal that we'll be saying goodbye. We've loved this home. We first moved in as renters. When we started to look to buy, every house we looked at didn't compare to the one we were already in. We contacted the people we rented from and offered to buy the home and they accepted. Once it became officially ours, we started making it more our own. Caleb's worked hard putting up wainscoting, crown molding, and a gorgeous wood wall in Elijah's room. We've painted every room, finished the patio in the backyard and worked in the garage. There's hardly a place we haven't touched. And with each improvement we made it became more "ours." I was fun for Caleb and me and drew us closer as we worked together to make a home. 

It's much harder leaving this home than I thought it would be. It's made me think about how attached we grow to places and how important home is. We find safety, comfort, and security there. It's a place we can be vulnerable and totally ourselves. As I've thought about this love for home it's made me realize that all the joys we find in it are reflections of my relationship with God. He is my unchanging home. I find my safety, comfort, and security in Him. And unlike our earthly home, He is constant and goes with me wherever we go. It's brought great comfort as we pack the boxes.

Well, a couple days have past. The busyness of moving, a new baby, and the children have left little room for writing. We're staying at my parents for the rest of the week while Caleb finishes work and then start our journey. We're making a rather large detour to California before we make our way across country to Kentucky. Caleb's never had two weeks off of work and we thought we'd take the opportunity to see our family. I love road trips and am looking forward to our time together. 

Each child is responding uniquely to the move. Elijah and Amelia are more outwardly emotional. Elijah is old enough to understand and explain some of how he's feeling and comprehend the consequences of moving so far away. Amelia doesn't have a category for what's going on so she just cries and wants me to hold her a lot. Vanessa hasn't shown any emotion about moving. She says she's sad, but in a very matter of fact way. I've learned she usually doesn't show emotion until after the fact. She is acting out more and strives to be in control. It's interesting to me the way each one is handling it and how they naturally react to hardships. It's stretching my parenting. I'm learning how to walk them through this road and trying to help carry their burdens. It's pushed me to be in constant prayer. I am relying on Christ to meet needs that I cannot. I am often under the delusion that I can meet all my kids needs and this season is showing me that I cannot. I must rely on Christ moment by moment and entrust them to his care.

I've been making a mental list of all the ways we've seen God at work during this process. I never want to forget all that He's done. This time is building my faith and will always be a time I can look back and be renewed in my walk. 

These are a few of the things on the list....

Caleb was offered an incredible job. It will combine his gifts and passions together and provides well for our family. 

We've had an enormous amount of help and support. We could not be doing this move with the help we've received. A huge portion of the help has come from my parents. They were the ones that first put Caleb's name in for the job and since that time they've helped carry us through. They have sacrificed time, energy, and money to make this possible. 

We put our house on the market and it sold for over asking the first day. It was a lot of work getting the house ready to show and difficult being out of the house all day with the kids. Having it sell the first day and us not having to go through constant showings was a great blessing!

We also found home in Kentucky and they accepted an offer well under asking. On our wish list was land and a central location to school and work. Our new home sits on an acre and a half in one of the best locations in the Louisville area. Its a fixer upper, which is something Caleb and I are excited about. We get a blank space to work with and Caleb and I have always dreamed about something like this. 

We needed to sell both our cars and we did. We sold both of them within 2 days of being ready. In fact we've had a number of items that we've needed to sell/get rid of and it's been a very easy process.

Everly is sleeping so well which is giving me the strength and energy to get things done. In fact, even though this has been a lot on the kids, they're all doing well and trying to be helpful. This time is drawing our family closer together and I know that in the months ahead as we need to lean on each other our bonds will grow tighter.

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