Sunday, April 3, 2016

Everly Gwen

Our sweet girl was born March 30, 2016. Everly Gwen, 8lbs. 1 oz. 20 inches. 

With her being my forth, I knew time would fly by and she would be here before we knew it. I wasn't anxious about her arrival the whole pregnancy, until those last two weeks. I was up all night two weeks before she came with contractions every 5 minutes and thought for sure this was it. I was prepared to leave for the hospital anytime, but sometime mid morning the contractions stopped and never came back. For the next two weeks I continued to have false labor with little sign of her coming. Finally, we decided I would be induced on the 30th. 

Labor was fast and intense and at 12:16 she was born. We're home now and adjusting to life as a family of six. I'm full of so many thoughts and emotions about her arrival and the change she brings to our family. I stared at her yesterday in awe of all God did in creating her, this perfectly formed little girl. I see his mercies and kindness every time I look at her. 

We're still navigating with the other three. They are thrilled with her and love her deeply, but I am finding that the most common used phrase is 'be careful.' They want to be involved with every thing regarding her. Even Elijah is extremely attentive. I wasn't sure how he would react since he wanted a brother so desperately, but from the moment she was born he's been completely enthralled. He holds her, tells me he needs to protect her, sings to her, and wants to do anything he can to help. Seeing all the children's love for each other is amazing. 

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