Wednesday, November 11, 2015


Yesterday we woke up with snow on the mountains. This is one of my favorite times of year. Winter is quickly coming, but Autumn hangs on a little longer. The trees are changing, some are already bare, mornings are crisp, and then in the distance all you see is white. I love the contrast of vibrant reds and yellows against the white. 

The children have known since before they can remember that snow is one of my favorite things. Every year, I wait rather impatiently for our first snow. I long
 to look out the window and see the ground covered in white. I've passed the love on to my children and they anxiously wait with me, asking daily when it's going to snow. So, naturally when they saw the snow in the mountains they begged me to drive them to it. We picked Elijah up from school and headed up. It was a gorgeous drive through parts of downtown with the huge trees changing colors and feeling like we were in the heart of fall to driving up the mountain about 20 minutes and feeling like we were in the heart of winter. The kids asked if we could just move to that mountain and stay there forever. They all love being in nature so much and come alive in it. 

It was a bit challenging taking pictures. It was cloudy, but the sun would shine through so bright at times. But I love them and the memories they hold. It's too easy for me to say no. I like to stick to the routine and I tend to see the work it will take to do something extra, but I knew it was worth it, a way to show love to the kids, and a memory to give them.

The children love eating snow. 

We really should have worn warmer clothes, but it didn't seem to slow them down much.

 Amelia loves to make us laugh. She was giggling at me and smiling so I could take a picture, but what I didn't know is she was getting ready to throw a snowball right at me. 
 This is right after the snow hit me and my camera. I was worried for a second, but quickly dried my camera and it seems fine. 

 This picture makes me smile cause most of my pictures of the children look like this right now. Amelia is usually yelling or laughing about something, it seems impossible for Elijah to give a natural smile, and Vanessa is always picture ready. 

I did manage to get one though.

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Katherine Rourke said...

Wow! Your first image is breathtaking! You live in such a beautiful place. I agree that the effort it takes to get out and enjoy God's creation with our kids is almost always worth it. Not only does it leave you all with wonderful memories, but the special times help to nurture close relationships. (Good for you, especially considering you are pregnant!)

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