Wednesday, September 2, 2015

the ocean

Summer came to a quick end. It was packed full with family visits, either them coming to see us, or us seeing them. What a sweet joy it is to have family that we love seeing so much! We managed a trip to California, before we had to be back with the start of school and this trip we took the kids to the beach. Since moving it's only their second time going and they were so excited. 

I didn't grow up around a beach and I feel much more at home in the mountains, but after living in California for 9 years and making all our first memories as a couple near the ocean, it's a special place to share with the kids. 

I often think of what impressions are being made on the children as we share things with them or give them experiences we think are special. Are memories being made that will last a lifetime? Are these moments impacting who they are? What things they will grow to love? I think about special vacations we took as children and what an impact they had on me. I think one of the biggest impressions left on me was the kindness of my dad to give us such gifts and his intentionality with us. It wasn't as much about what we did, as the doing it together and the time he gave us, but that isn't to say that certain trips didn't stand out in holding a special place in my memories and I long to share those experiences with my kids. 

Each of their personalities came out clearly when we first walked on the sand and ran to put our feet in the water. Elijah couldn't resist and jumped in with all his clothes on in about two seconds. I tend to watch the children more than join in their fun, but I couldn't resist either and I ran in after him with my clothes on and we splashed in the waves till we got too cold. Amelia stripped down to her underwear and was in the water quickly as well. Sweet Vanessa did not enjoy it very much and sat on the towel crying that she didn't like the wet sand. Poor girl couldn't get away from it. But the next day she did much better and dug in sand, splashed in the water, used the boogie board and water tube. 

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