Tuesday, May 5, 2015


We said good bye to another year with our little girl. She was anxious to turn five while I was mourning another year older. Another year away from her little baby soft skin, her tiny hands and the way she would wrap her fingers around me while I nursed her. I love the baby stage and it's such a short one. I hold on tightly to it and ache watching it leave.
But more than sad that my babies are growing I'm thankful. Celebrating their birth means many things, but the most obvious, but sometimes overlooked is they were born...that I have been abundantly blessed to be a mother. And not just of one, but three. Three beautiful, healthy, strong, loving children. Because I've been given this blessing I can't know what it would be like to not have children or to have lost them in a miscarriage or some other tragedy, but I can imagine it. It makes me ache for all those women who do know what that sort of loss feels like and pushes me to feel all the more grateful for the gift we've been given. I don't want to waste it on sadness that my healthy children are growing just like God intended them to. So we celebrated. Another wonderful year lived. 

Vanessa planned her whole day. She doesn't like surprises and would rather know every detail then be in the dark. Her biggest request was for her family to be with her and that included her Yiayia. That was the one surprise I did keep. Yiayia flew in a couple days before and was there for her on her special day. She also wanted to go to her favorite shop, and mine too, the flower shop and make flower crowns. She didn't say a word the whole time we were there, she just smiled and took it all in. She was in heaven. 

She loved her day. It was spent eating her favorite food. Planting flowers, going to the park, and finished off with blowing out candles on her Elsa and Anna cake. I love to keep birthday's simple. I want them to feel loved and special. But I don't like extravagant and I think her day was just that. 

Nay, we love you with a love you can know. Happy Birthday. 

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Katherine Rourke said...

Hi Jessica! We adore flower crowns around here, and simple (yet personal) birthdays! Your pictures were really beautiful; especially captivating were the pictures with the hands of the women in your family working on the crowns for Vanessa. To me, hands always tell a story, and these ones showed gentleness, devotion, and love. Your choice to rejoice in the growth of your children as designed by God is refreshing to hear.

Happy belated birthday to Vanessa, and happy Mother's Day to you!

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