Wednesday, May 27, 2015


Caleb's plate is full right now, leaving me feeling a bit like a single parent. We knew we were walking into a busy season and tried to prepare, but the realities can't be known until you are in it. So, we are talking and giving lots of grace and pressing on. His absence leaves a huge whole in our home, which reminds me how blessed we are to have him. 

My mind runs with thoughts about our purpose in the busyness. I don't think I know anyone who when I talk to them doesn't say something about being busy...and I'm the same way. My life is always full. I work hard to keep it as simple as possible though, because running our home and caring for our kids is enough to keep me busy. 

I wonder at the effects of an eternally busy culture. We don't have time for anything cause we're always running around trying to catch up. Do we take pride in an over booked calendar? We have our schedules so full, is there time for people? Real relationships? I know at times I fill my time to help find purpose. At times I find my worth in what I do, the more I do the better I feel about myself. I've forgotten my worth is found in Christ, not a full plate. 

But, I also know that work is a gift from God and not to be wasted. I find great joy in working for my family and knowing that it's ultimately the Lord I'm serving. At times my health has hindered my ability to work and in those moments I'm always reminded what a blessing work is. I don't know that answer to the perfectly balanced calendar, even though I'm constantly trying to figure it out. For now, we just take it one season at a time, and pray a lot. 

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