Monday, March 2, 2015


For three years you've brought joy to our family. In the earliest days rocking you to sleep I looked in your face and all I could think was joy. Your favorite thing is to make us laugh. You do something, or say something that you know will make us smile and then look at us out of the corner of your eye to make sure we're smiling.
Your brother and sister adore you. Elijah thinks your his little pal. He likes that your a bit of a tomboy and will play superhero's with him. Vanessa likes to pretend she's your mom and you are just fine letting her. You call her 'my Nessie.' 

The other night you got out of bed. You just couldn't fall asleep, which is rare for you, and you crawled in my lap and asked to sit up with daddy and me for a little bit. I said, I think you need to get back in bed. Then I looked over at daddy to see what he was thinking, and I knew he wanted you to stay with us. You have his heart. He loves quiet moments to hold you and tell you how much he loves you. 

Your favorite things are, never being left out. Baked beans, you would eat them for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, in fact some days you have. Sucking your thumb, it's going to be a hard habit to break, but we're trying. You're polka dot blankie. Singing, loud. Dancing, all the time. The other night Granddad, Nana, and Abigail were over, and you danced in the living room for them for an hour. You would have danced for two, but bed time called. You love animals, but especially dogs. You say, "cause want to" to everything, even if you don't want to. Or, "Need to" and I ask why, and you say "cause want to" it's incredible cute.

When you joined our family and these last three years, are some of our happiest. We love you more than you can comprehend. Our pray for you is to grow in love and obedience to God. After that everything else will fall into place. 

We are a much louder and joyful family because of you.
Happy 3rd birthday Amelia Elisabeth.

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