Thursday, December 11, 2014

6 years

Tomorrow my boy turns 6.  Right now I'm listing to him doing who knows what, in his room waiting for morning. He's so excited he keeps getting out of bed, asking if it's 6:00 yet. I asked him what he wanted for his birthday and his first request, was daddy to stay home from work, but when he learned that couldn't happen he settled for a man's breakfast with Granddad and daddy. They're taking him out for biscuits and gravy. He's been thinking about what he's going to eat at each meal for weeks; breakfast, biscuits and gravy, lunch mini hotdogs and french fries, and dinner grilled cheese and tomato soup. 

I'm not sure he'll be able to eat all that. This week we caught a stomach bug and he hasn't eaten much. Today he felt his best and we're praying and very hopeful that tomorrow we'll all be feeling great. We love the kids to feel special and make their birthday stand out, but we keep things pretty simple.

 This year he wanted a 'bear documentary' party. (I'm not too sure what that entails) Family friends were coming with their three boys to my parents house. We were going to do dinner, gingerbread houses and watch his favorite bear documentary. We cancelled with our friends in hopes of not spreading any sickness, but we'll still watch his movie and make gingerbread houses. He has gifts to open and wants to blow a candle out of ice cream and cookies. He'll sit with me and ask me to read to him stories out of his baby book.

Elijah, I am so grateful for the gift you are to our family. 6 years ago our lives were forever changed. You made us parents and it's been so much more than I imagined. You have a bright mind and we pray daily that you'll use it for God. You love your family and make us all laugh. We love you....happy birthday IE.

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