Wednesday, November 19, 2014

God's kindness: part 2

The second part of our oil story, is the way God is using it to help our family financially. Since moving things have been pretty tight, but about a year and a half ago, we had a number of things happen that put us in a very tough spot financially. For months we struggled and looked into a number of different job options, with none of them working. 

This whole time we continually prayed that God would provide the means necessary. Our friend was still graciously sending us some oils, but when she would mention benefits or incentives on ways to get more I just told her we have NO money.
She never once pushed anything on us in a business sense and rarely talked about it with us. 

Pursuing the business side of doTERRA never crossed my mind, until, after a very long day I got an email from my friend. She really didn't know how big our financial problems were, she just knew I said I didn't have money in the budget for oils, but she'd been praying a lot and God continually brought my name to her mind, she was determined to help our family. She explained that when I signed up, she'd put some people underneath me, slowly building a team for us. She said that we'd be getting some residual income from this. It was a very small number, but it felt like we'd won the lottery when I read that. I called Caleb crying and read him the letter. It gave me a lot of hope, God knew our needs and would provide, just like He always had. 

This opened the door for Caleb to look into the company. He wanted to understand exactly how it all worked. The more he looked, the more impressed he was. He explained to me that doTERRA set the compensation plan up different than most direct sales companies, and the more you help other people the more you are compensated. It really pushes you to bless others. There also weren't any 'catches.' We weren't obligated to anything. Even though it sounded good, and was literally dropped in our lap, I said, no. I didn't want to teach classes or have everyone avoid me cause I was always trying to sell them an oil. I don't have a lot of connections where we live and didn't see anyone that I could share the oils with. I was pretty against it. But Caleb wasn't. He thought it was something that we should look into, so I hesitantly, followed. 

Thanksgiving came and we spent it with Caleb's family. I told his mom and sister what we were doing and they were so supportive. (really Caleb's mom is extremely supportive in all we do) but she really got behind us, bought some oils to help out and shared her expertise on selling with us. She is a natural and did very well with Pampered Chief for years. Caleb's sister also got on board and started on the oils for her and her family. This actually got me pretty excited and we went home ready to pursue the business.

I still had my hesitations, but Caleb and I prayed together so much over this and continually asked God to bring the people to us. After praying one morning about who we could possibly talk essential oils to, my phone rang, it was a friend I hadn't talked to in awhile and she said, "do you know anything about doTERRA essential oils?" I was blown away. This has happened countless times.  God has grown our team with very specific people and has blessed it tremendously above what we could have imagined. I was praying, asking him to provide anything to meet our financial needs and he was meeting them in a completely unexpected way; a way that I was saying absolutely no to at the time. 

Every time we think of our business we think of God's gracious provision, our sweet friends kindness, and a means to help others. It has now become the means to help out people physically as well as financially. We see God's hand in all of it and our overwhelmed with gratitude. 

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