Thursday, September 25, 2014


"Home is a place where we ought to be allowed to be unequal, where everyone knows everyone else's inequalities and knows furthermore, that it is the inequalities that make a home work."
Elisabeth Elliot.

As I close my eyes and images of my children play in my mind I see a hundred different things that make each unique. Elijah, Vanessa, and Amelia, bring an array of gifts to our family, that all leave Caleb and I smiling. We enjoy our children so much and our love for them is equal. But we know how to appreciate the strengths and weaknesses of each. I never want them to feel threatened by what their siblings can do. I want them to work hard and excel in the gifts God's given to them and cheer one another on without feeling like they're not enough. 

I want my children to grow up with wonder and huge imaginations.  I do not want fear to hinder them from trying, but I never want to lead my children to believe that they can do anything. That they will be 'equal' at any task. I believe there are numerable possibilities they can do with their gifts and abilities. But I want them to know the freedom that comes with understanding we can't do it all. We will not be equal at all tasks. I pray, as our children understand this it will push them more towards Christ. Because we are weak, but He is strong, and it's in our weakness that He is glorified. And I pray it makes their bond stronger and causes them to lift one another up, bearing each others burdens. 


Katherine said...

I love this. It's so true, and such a good reminder. We should remember this even as we compare ourselves to other women: We are not gifted the same, and we each have our particular set of strengths and weaknesses. This is God's design.

And I love the point you made about not deceiving our kids into believing they can do anything. That's such a popular lie. We need to recognize each unique ability and disability, working to strengthen both for the glory of God.

I've missed you here on your blog!

Jessica said...

Katherine, I think it's such a confusing issue for people in todays world. We're told we're all equal, while at the same time being told how unique people are. That we should except everyone and their differences. That's worldly thinking that creeps into the church. How can it all be true? If we would think on this in regards to our friendships, and marriages, etc. it would help in relationships, and keep us humble:)

Christina Schergen said...

sooooooooooo good!! i tell my oldest daughter this all the time...god gave you all different strengths...the world would be so boringif we were all the same.

she tends to get discouraged b/c she has all boy cousins and everything is a game and has a winner. I sometimes tell her while they might be able to hit a baseball farther that you...girly you sure would beat them in a race across the pool. :)

I love that you love your kiddos so fiercly...they are so lucky.

Kirra said...

I love that pictures of you guys.

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