Thursday, September 25, 2014


"Home is a place where we ought to be allowed to be unequal, where everyone knows everyone else's inequalities and knows furthermore, that it is the inequalities that make a home work."
Elisabeth Elliot.

As I close my eyes and images of my children play in my mind I see a hundred different things that make each unique. Elijah, Vanessa, and Amelia, bring an array of gifts to our family, that all leave Caleb and I smiling. We enjoy our children so much and our love for them is equal. But we know how to appreciate the strengths and weaknesses of each. I never want them to feel threatened by what their siblings can do. I want them to work hard and excel in the gifts God's given to them and cheer one another on without feeling like they're not enough. 

I want my children to grow up with wonder and huge imaginations.  I do not want fear to hinder them from trying, but I never want to lead my children to believe that they can do anything. That they will be 'equal' at any task. I believe there are numerable possibilities they can do with their gifts and abilities. But I want them to know the freedom that comes with understanding we can't do it all. We will not be equal at all tasks. I pray, as our children understand this it will push them more towards Christ. Because we are weak, but He is strong, and it's in our weakness that He is glorified. And I pray it makes their bond stronger and causes them to lift one another up, bearing each others burdens. 

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