Saturday, July 26, 2014


We spent the day yesterday working in the yard. It amazes me how much work this tiny space needs and makes me thankful it's not bigger. As I watched Caleb working on yet another project, I was reminded how hard he's worked wherever we've lived to make them homes. He hasn't always understood my need for fresh paint, but he happily works with me on my ideas. He really cares about taking care of me and giving our family a home. We've made each place we've lived 'ours.' We've put hours of thought and work to create a place that we enjoy. It's a small picture of who Caleb is. He protects us, and cares for us, and he is our safe place. Our home. He is peace and steadiness. I love dreaming and creating along side him. 

We've slowly made this house our home also. I promised more pictures of the changes and here they finally are... if you want to see some before pictures they're here. And other house changes are here

 this is the view when you walk into the house.

the house is pretty open. we turned this living room area into our dining room as we really didn't need two living rooms. 

the walls got a fresh coat of paint along with the fireplace.

 this little breakfast nook is really the kids corner and I'll be doing our homeschooling here...yes, I'm planning on homeschooling Elijah in the fall. I've pretty much figured out what I'm going to do as far as curriculum goes, but I have lots of lesson planning to go. I would love any pointers if you have any...and I'll take pictures of this area once I have it decorated. 


Rebecca said...

Beautiful home. Love, love, love the wall color in the diningroom. What is it?

Katherine said...

Really beautiful! I love all the details- the entry table/sewing table, the old scale, the flowers. You have done a great job. And don't you just love a fireplace in the dining room? We sure enjoy ours in the winter months- so cozy.

Big decision on schooling! I'm sure you will excel in this department! Isn't it such a relief knowing that you won't be saying good-bye to Elijah next month?!

Purposely at Home said...

i L O V E. soooo, wanna come over and decorate my future home? ;)


Christina Schergen said...

lovely lovely lovely!!

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