Monday, June 16, 2014

My second home...

I can't believe that California has captured so much of my heart. I understand that with its vast population that most people love it, but when I moved to Southern California for college, it was one of my hardest adjustments. The population of my entire town (and surrounding areas) could fit into the Dodger stadium. I like the cold and tons of space with few people. So....not really California. But now almost all my family lives there. I fell in love with the ocean and living close enough to go to Disneyland for the afternoon. It's really about the people though. I love my family so much and have some of my best friends there. We always miss them.

I spent the better part of May there. Caleb's brother got married so it was basically a constant party. It started with Caleb's parents flying to us for the weekend. Then we left Caleb behind to finish up work while the rest of us drove to California. It was an adventure with Elijah and Amelia getting very car sick about an hour into the trip. But we made it. 

I got spend a couple days with Caleb's family, before I headed down to see my sisters. I spent the following weekend with them and we had such a good time. I made it to my nephews baseball game and Elijah decided this is his new sport.

I got to see some friends that we hadn't seen in a long time and I loved catching up with them. 

There was great time with Caleb's sisters...

Now all the Bussell's are married off...

There was a trip to the coast.

Lots of cousin time.

Sweet friends.

One of the best parts was meeting my two newest nephews. 

And then the long trip which they barely looked like this. But again, we made it and with less car sickness than before.

Thursday, June 12, 2014

sweet and simple...

I'm dusting off my keyboard and going to attempt a little catch up. I'm past trying to explain my complete inconsistent blogging. It is what it is, a place I keep coming back to, because I can't leave it. Too many hours spent here. 

We spent the almost the whole month of May in California. I took some pictures of the girls (as sort of a document their birthdays thing) before we left and meant to blog them, but it didn't happen. 

So, they come to you in the middle of June. I am no different than any mom I know, their birthdays bring me smiles and tears. I love, love, love them being young. These young years are my favorite. I would go back to the new born stage and hit replay in a second. Yes, my mom told me the other day that the life is just coming back to me now that Amelia is 2. These young years take a lot from me. Even this week has been a dozy. Sleep still seems to be a rare occurrence. I've been up with one or more of the kids since we got home almost two weeks ago. My kids just don't travel well, and coming home is a tough adjustment for them. 

But the sweet simplicity of it makes it all worth it. I want to bottle up their little voices, expressions, smiles, and freeze time. I can't hold them enough. I never feel done. I like that our life doesn't revolve around a schedule, no school, no sports, just our little family doing life together. I don't want to give it up, and I know all to soon, this season will be done. 

Vanessa takes the big sister role very serious, and I'm in awe of the way she loves Amelia. Amelia can do anything to Vanessa and she takes it. She's patient and loving towards her and gives into her way too easily. She over flows with, delicate femininity, playing dolly, picking flowers, and singing. 

Amelia is pretty much the opposite. She would rather wear her brothers superman underwear than a bow any day. She's my little tomboy and I love that as much as I love Vanessa's love for dolls. Their differences are a perfect picture of God's creativity. 

Caleb made Vanessa a swing for her birthday. Its turned out to be the best gift for all the kids. In our tiny yard it brings them hours of outdoor play. They love it. 

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