Monday, May 5, 2014


God is so kind. He can take the worst of life and make the most beautiful things. After my mom died a girl she knew in college heard about it from the school newspaper. She started writing to my sisters and me. She wrote for a couple months and then asked if she could come visit. She flew out and from the moment we meet her we loved her. She poured into our lives from then on and became like a mom to us. She has faithfully loved us and cared for us when we were alone and hurting. Her example is a guide for me through life. I want to love and serve like she does.

She was in a bad car accident a couple years ago and it did serious damage to her brain. For therapy she was advised to go back to school. She did and last weekend she graduated. I was proud of her and thankful that I had the opportunity to finally stand next to her after years of her standing next to me. We had the best time together. She is so thoughtful. I walked into my room to find gifts, fresh flowers, and a stack of pictures of my kids cause she knew how much I missed them. 

(her and her grandson)

(they live on a beautiful farm and I soaked up every minute.)

Iowa holds a huge piece of my heart. 


Christina Schergen said...

awww this is the sweetest!!

Kirra said...

what an amazing woman!

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