Monday, April 7, 2014

pink paint and 'go go'

 (I started this post last week so it's a little behind, but I figured, better late than never.)
It's late, well, not really for most people's standards, but I'm an early to bed, early to rise, kind of girl. My brain is sharp at about 5:30am and toast at 5:30pm. I'm not even sure why I'm attempting to blog right now since the last sentence took me three tries to write. But here I am, the first time in my day when there's been some quiet. It's been a good day, a good week in a lot of ways, but full and noisy. I miss sipping my tea and writing out my thoughts or memories of things the kids have done. I figure I better take advantage of the moment and write a little about what's been going on or I'll never find the time. 

Caleb's a perfectionist when it comes to all things home improvement. That means hanging a picture on the wall requires a leveler, a tool belt, and a tape measure. Before I married Caleb and I wanted to hang something I held it in the general place I thought I wanted it, grabbed a nail and the closest thing that I could use as a hammer (usually a book or shoe) and put a hole in the wall. If I stepped back and it didn't look good I simply repeated until I liked where it was. You can imagine my method was deemed unacceptable once we were married. I'm fine with it. I take on the perfectionist role in all other areas so I understand him and if he wants to hang all my pictures, who am I to argue. But the man is busy. He works so hard all the time and the home projects tend to add up sometimes. This week I was ready to tackle them. The next couple months are going to be even busier than normal and I really wanted to get somethings done. So, I started painting the girls room. You should know that I'm a terrible painter, but Caleb hasn't said a word and is coming home in the evenings to help finish the job. I'm incredibly grateful for him. 

This week we also decided to potty train Amelia. And by we, I mean she decided she wanted to be like her brother and sister and I kept finding her on the toilet. And By decided, I mean I ran out of pull ups and was forced into it. She calls it 'go go' and it's about the cutest thing. 

How strange my life is at times. My days are filled with teaching a child how to 'go go' and I find it precious. I am so glad that I'm here painting pink walls and washing princess panties. I'm thankful that I'm the one holding their hand, encouraging them, and training them. And it's in the midst of these ordinary tasks that I see God transforming my heart and mind.

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Caley M. said...

Kyle sounds a lot like Caleb in the picture hanging department, and I have used your technique many times ;) I understand about the house lists piling up, I actually am in the process of picking out paint for the kids rooms and plan on painting them myself as well....I can't stand to look at a room painted green and red (yes in the same room) for much longer! I bet your paint job turned out lovely, it's fun to see the transformation in your home. And I can't believe how big your kiddos are getting!

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