Tuesday, April 15, 2014

all together

Quiet and alone are two things I love, but rarely experience. It doesn't bother me because I love our loud crazy kids so much more, but I do need time away every once in awhile. Time away is refreshing and reminds me of how much I love what I do. It also reminds me that I need to be completely dependent on God. He is the one that renews my love and strength for the children and Caleb. 

It was a long day and I was feeling the need for some alone time. It was still a couple hours before Caleb was gong to be home. I dreamed about getting out as soon as he walked through the door, but as I waited for him God really changed my heart. While I do think there are times to sneak away for a bit, leaving because of my frustration with the kids wasn't the time. 

The kids and I together needed to be refreshed, enjoy one another, and get a change of scenery. We waited for daddy to get home, ate a quick dinner, and went for a walk. It was exactly what we all needed. I realized that with all the instruction and training that I do on a daily basis it's so important for me to remember to put in time to laugh and play with them. 

 Spring is my absolute favorite time of year here and I cannot get enough of our trees. 

Amelia playing hide and seek.

 The purple dress never comes off. (and yes Katy it's the tangled one:)

 Getting Elijah to look at the camera with a normal expression is just about impossible. 


Christina Schergen said...

Your photos are the sweetest! I am a bit like you...I love the noise and joy children bring...but most days I need a few minutes of quite and of stillness.

Heart n Soul said...

Wow Jessica, it has been awhile since I have popped in to visit and your family have grown so much - Beautiful! and I love your photos of them all. Yes, boys can be a little tricky to photograph. Ha!

Heart n Soul said...
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Kirra said...

these are so great. you'll always cherish these days & these pics will bring you back.

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