Thursday, April 10, 2014

8 on ten

"God alone, who calls you to your task, will help you to know where the balance lies as you weigh your responsibilities before Him, and pray and trust."
Elisabeth Elliot

 1. morning cuddling

2. sisters dancing

3. spring blooming  

 4. lefty drawing

 5. Dish washing

6. fort building

7. window washing.

8. park playing

I know that it's supposed to be ten pictures for ten hours, but Nana came and we played for the rest of the day without the camera. 


Karina said...

Ha - love your title....mine was only 9 on 10 this month. Such adorable girls having what looks to be a perfectly fun day. Lovely glimpses.

Christina Schergen said...

I love the happiness and brightness in your home! yay for spring blooming and I happen to love lefty drawings ;)

Sara said...

your photos are lovely! those spring blooms are gorgeous. we're still waiting for the ones here. :)

katygirl said...

love them! also is that a tangled dress??

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