Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Never want to forget....Amelia edition.

I love making lists of little things the kids do at different stages. I constantly think I'll never forget the things they do a hundred times a day, but as they grow and new stages start I find that those little things are easy to forget. Looking back and reading these lists sparks so many memories. 

I want to remember how you giggle when we tell you it's bed time. Or how, if we don't get you in bed soon enough you turn on your noise machine and climb in to bed yourself. 

The way you suck your thumb and hook your finger on your nose. 

The way you dance, moving one arm up and down and swinging your hips. 

How you squeal when you hear the door open and know daddy's home. 

How you say 'no' to everything or ask 'what's that.' 

When you stop me from housework and make me hold you. 

Your love for books. 

Your love for your brother and sister.

Your love for family hugs. 

The way you laugh, especially when you think you're funny.

The way you hide your face when you get in trouble.

Your sense of humor. 

They way you scream when you see a dog and then tell me, 'I want dog.'

How you never stop moving.

Your determination. 

Your joy.

 (this is the face you make when you want to be mad and you're trying not to smile.)

(you think you're so funny showing us your belly)

(calling for the dog walking outside.)


Rebekah said...

She is getting so big! I have been thinking about you lately. It has been a while since I have had time to sit and catch up with people through their blogs. I am glad you have posted recently. I am feeling more in the loop. ;)

Christina Schergen said...

she is so cute! what a little light of joy she sounds like!!

Christina Schergen said...

she is so cute! what a little light of joy she sounds like!!

kenzie said...

when did she get so big?!?

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