Friday, January 24, 2014


I love fresh starts, new beginnings. New Year's, has never brought for me a list of resolutions. I've always thought if something needed changing, then I would start immediately, but I do like to stop and look back at the year and forward to the year ahead. I want to see areas that need growth, things that worked well, and remember. I want to set goals and make sure that good habits are being formed. 

2013 brought with it a lot of trials. A long road that didn't seem to end. Caleb and I were stretched so much and found ourselves completely worn down. I felt very alone and confused and just wanted to see light at the end of the tunnel. 

I started to pray that God would refresh us. That He would be enough. I cried a lot that day, (like i had many days before) but the next day, without any changes in our circumstances, I felt relief for the first time in months. Now, I don't believe that I finally prayed the 'right' prayer and now God was answering it. I think the whole time He was carrying us, being faithful, and refining us. He was bringing us to a place of complete brokenness and dependence. Then He breathed new life into us. 

The new year feels like a fresh start. Still not much change in our circumstances, but we have seen God bless us more than we deserve and provide for our needs in unexpected ways. Our strength is renewed and we're excited to see what this year brings.

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