Friday, December 6, 2013

a little update

I love this little blog of mine. It just sits here for weeks waiting to see if I'll ever post again. And look, here I am, but with very little to say. The posts have been so few and far between I'm not sure where to start. We watched the leaves change colors, it was a beautiful fall. We loved walks and the crisp air. Almost all our leaves fell by the time we traveled to California. We spent a couple weeks there and got to enjoy an even longer fall. The weather was perfect. By the end Vanessa was missing daddy a lot, but Elijah still wasn't ready to go. Living apart from family isn't easy. We came back to winter. It was 16 degrees when I went out today. I know I'm different than most, but the cold doesn't bother me. I actually prefer 16 degrees to 100. But I do need a winter coat. 
I love this Christmas season and wish more than any other time of year that I could slow time. My mom knowing how much I love to have things done early, came over with my grandma and decorated my house while I was in California. I have a couple little things to do, but pretty much it's done. I'm so thankful that I'm not just now pulling out Christmas. I've been spending lots of time reading to the kids and doing little projects with them. It's been sweet.
 I turned 30 the end of November. 30 feels big. The step from 29 to 30 feels like a big one. Although, I was carded the other day for buying DayQuil, so I must still look 18. 
We're still doing things around the house. Our kitchen and living room are coming together and I'll probably share some pictures soon. Caleb works so hard while I'm away and usually tackles a couple big projects while the house is quiet. 
We're getting our Christmas tree tomorrow and I can't wait. I  have more to write so it won't be as long between posts.

The pictures are totally unrelated, but I thought I'd share. These are ones we had taken at the end of the Summer and soon to be going up on the walls. And we may have gotten our Christmas Card out of this shoot. If you want a card be sure to get me your address....

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