Sunday, October 27, 2013

New England.

 It's a quiet Sunday. I'm sipping tea, looking through our New England pictures. I love the East Coast and wish we'd had more time there. Even though, the timing of the trip was hard with missing my grandfather, we had a wonderful time. It was absolutely beautiful. October is definitely the time to go. We stayed with my Uncle Tim and Aunt Carre. They were the perfect hostess. We ate the yummiest food and really enjoyed the time just Caleb and I.

Boston is a wonderful city, one of my favorites. I love history and I'm sure that contributes to my love. Walking the streets with Caleb was so fun.

 One of the best and worst parts of the trip was when our flight was canceled. That was the bummer part, but the best part was being stuck in Chicago. My good friend Kirra lives in Chicago and we were able to spend the night with them. It was short, but very sweet. And I got to meet their little girl for the first time. It was one of my favorite parts of the whole trip. 

Friday, October 4, 2013

what I didn't know.

(photo credit Lorie )
It was still dark this morning when Elijah wanted to cuddle with me in bed. We laid there and he asked me a hundred questions. He wanted to know all my thoughts when I was pregnant with him.  I told him about the day we found out he was a boy. I was excited, but nervous. I had no idea what to do with a boy. I told him I thought he'd look like his daddy. I prayed he'd be a leader and hard worker. I hoped that he would love the Lord with all his heart. I imagined all sorts of things about who this little baby would be, but I really had no idea. 
Then he started asking me what I didn't know about him. 
I told him I didn't know his favorite color would be green,
or that he'd love hippos,
or how smart he'd be and that he'd have the greatest memory,
or his love for laughing,
how compassionate he'd be,
or how he can be fearless and so fearful at the same time, 
or how he wouldn't care about what others think of him,
I didn't know how much he'd love his sisters or how much he'd look up to his daddy. 
I had no idea all that he would teach me.
He's so much more and so different than I could imagine. I'm surprised how much of his personality you can see at such a young age and how much of who he is is already being shaped.

I love moments when we talk like this. When he asks me questions and can't wait for the answers. I like learning how to be a better mama to him. Being a mama to a boy is different and I'm learning. I have to think more about what matters to him and how to show him love. The other day we had a mud fight and although I hate getting dirty it was worth it to see his excitement.

(vanesssa, who hates to get dirty, decided to be our photographer, I think she's on to something.) 
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