Monday, September 23, 2013


Amelia started our Monday with a little excitement. I was doing my devotion when I heard screaming from down the hall. I could tell immediately it was bad. I ran down to my room and Amelia had her finger smashed in the door and it was completely shut. It took me a second to get it out and when I did her finger was totally deformed. I tried my best to calm her down, but after awhile she would stop crying and I called the dr. He said to come in. I managed to get the kids in the car and sometime while driving Amelia finally stopped crying. (almost an hour later) 

Thankfully no major damage done, possibly a slight fracture. We go back next week to take another x-ray. She's quietly napping now and I should be catching up around the house. But I find myself enjoying this quiet moment in the house and can't talk myself in getting up.

There is a lot of the last couple months that I wanted to document, but haven't made the time. I can't go back and do it all, but I thought I'd do a little. 
We've slowly been taking on little house projects, now that it's ours. I'm not one that really enjoys the process. I like everything in it's place and once I have it the way I like it I don't change it often. But I'm learning. I'm learning to appreciate making a house into a home. 
Caleb put this wainscoting up in our living room and I love it. We painted the walls a light grey, but the picture doesn't show the color very well. We also painted our kitchen cabinets white and our fireplace. 

I thought I had finished painting the fireplace and thought I had done a pretty good job, but I see I was wrong. Caleb redid almost the whole thing. 

I experienced VBS for the first time this year. My kids loved it and are still singing the theme song.

My sister came to visit. It was great, but a little on the short side. Looking forward to Christmas.

Caleb and I are trying to have special dates with the kids more often, He spent time with the girls, while I took Elijah out.

We celebrated 6 years of marriage this August. 

Lots of thunder storms lately. They are my favorite. 

The rains left us with plenty of mud to play in.

 Elijah and Daddy camped in the backyard and let us enjoy s'mores with them.

Elijah's in soccer again this fall. He's loving it this time around and doing so much better than before. 

This weekend Caleb and his wisdom teeth taken out and there was no lack of company to make him feel better. They didn't comprehend how it was hard for him to talk, but I don't think they were too worried, Elijah did enough talking for everyone. 


Katherine said...

It's always great to get a little update from you! From the little glimpses you have given of your home, it looks lovely. I'm with you though on the whole process... we've been in our house for about a year and the 'process' is still very much part of my daily life. But what a blessing it is to have the opportunity to make it your own. Enjoy!

Loved the muddy picture of you and Elijah!

Kirra said...

Oh I'm so sorry to hear about Amelia's finger! I hope the scan goes well next week. I loved a little update from you- I miss you a lot on the daily.

christina said...

love all your photos. yesterday my nephews were over and the oldest pushed the youngest and he ended up breaking his arm! it is the wost when you hear "that cry" the one you know why something is wrong!

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