Tuesday, June 4, 2013

thoughts on sugar.

We made it to day 30 of no sugar....sort of. We very randomly and therefore with little preparing decided to cut sugar out for 30 days. I would normally classify us under fairly healthy eaters with a weak spot for Saturday morning cinnamon rolls and an occasional scoop of ice cream. Most meals are made from scratch with lots of fruits and veggies. But we were getting a little out of control. Nightly desserts started happening along, bbq chips, and too much drive- thru. I said enough and boom...no sugar for 30 days. 

Well, that no preparing part got me cause I didn't quite realize how much sugar was in things like, salad dressings and sauces for marinating. I did cut out the majority of these things, but not completely. Also, we already had a date night planned at the Melting Pot with some friends and we knew the meal would have sugar, along with Caleb's birthday. He was willing to do no sugar with me, but not on his birthday. We went into the month knowing that we'd make two exceptions. Besides that we did it. 

So, thoughts....I was really surprised how hard the first couple days were and how much I thought about food. It was obvious that food had more control of me than I it. Some serious self-discipline was put into place. By day two I was trying to talk myself out of the whole thing. Now, on day 30, it doesn't seem like that big of a deal. I just don't eat it.

It opened my eyes to other areas that were lacking in self discipline. By bringing this area under self-control other area's followed.

It showed me how much our lives revolve around food. Instead of food being a source of health to live lives for God's glory. 

It made me read a lot more labels. 

My prayer life grew. Every time I thought about junk I started to pray. 

It gave me a determination to not only finish, but to make adjustments to our eating habits for life.

I will say, that I was kind of hoping for endless amounts of energy to come and for my stomach to look as though I haven't had a c-section. But those things didn't happen. I didn't notice any major physical differences.

I started drinking a tons more water. 

And that about wraps it up, although I feel the need to comment on food in general. It seems to be a bit of a hot topic. I'm constantly seeing articles on what to eat, what not to eat. Organic, non-organic. Cancer causing foods. and on and on. It can give me a bit of a headache. I know we are living in different times and that foods are much more processed than they used to be. I believe we should eat as natural as we can, good fruits, veggies, and cut out the junk. I have personally seeing huge health benefits by changing diets and eating healthier.  

But I also think that we need to be careful that our thoughts don't become consumed with thoughts on food. It seems to be a religion for some. We live in a broken fallen world. And no amount of organic eating will wipe away sickness. I believe we should be as faithful as we can to keep good health so that we can better glorify God. But I also think we need to be careful about how much of our time and thought life goes into eating. God supplied mana for the Israelites and that simple food was completely sufficient for their needs. I believe that a huge way I serve my family is by making nutritious filling meals for them. I want to make smart choices for my children now, since they can't. But I also don't want it to be all consuming. 

(if you want some ideas on meals....email me and i'll share some of what I cooked.)


kenzie said...

I want to know the recipe for the shrimp dish...that looks SO good!! :)

Kelly said...

good for you guys!
i need to do this. i tried about to months ago and lasted a week. sigh.

bandofbrothers said...

it IS a hot topic...i remember people getting really upset with me for not eating sugar. i don't have a solution. i tired hard not to flaunt it in any faces. but obviously i went about it in an annoying way;)

i think you are really great about the whole thing. i agree that we should do the best we can and not make it an idol!

i need to cut way back on sugar. it's been getting a little much lately...balance is super hard.

christina said...

i love how you tied this into faith! glad yo stuck with it ... you are stronger than me :)

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