Monday, June 10, 2013

Our weekend at family camp...and a p.s.

Peekaboo in the of the rare moments Amelia wasn't crying.

Climbing up and down the bunk beds...the best part of camp for some.

She ran straight in and then realized she doesn't know how to swim.

helping daddy drive back from the lake, but she mostly just held on tight.

He fell in love with hearing camp stories.

Amelia made herself comfortable with anyone that would hold her.

Abigail came up with us.

The children never wanted her to leave their side.

 And...I'm on load seven. 

And a p.s. I reread last post and don't think I communicated clearly about my feelings on the hot topic of food:) I do that sometimes. I go back and read something I've written and it sounds so different than what I was trying to say. I'm just struggling in finding the balance of providing the best nutrients for my family without making it an idol. I said that it gives me a headache, not because of anyone, but just because the information can all seem overwhelming. I hope that none of you were offended. 


Kelly said...

sure looks like you all had a blast.

bandofbrothers said...

aw, camp, fun! what cuties you have!

and i don't think you could ever be offensive...even if you tried! you are sweet as pie:)

Olive Oyl said...

looks like you had a blast! and vacation laundry is the WORST! we've been home three days and I'm still folding... ay yi yi. Never ending. :)

Liz Luscomb said...

That looks like such a blast! Gorgeous photos too. The picture with your hubs letting your baby girl drive reminds me of all the times my Dad did the same thing! I always thought I was so grown up when I "drove". Haha.
And btw, you were not offensive on your last post. No worries. :)

Kirra said...

Love these pics. That place looks so fun! Is it in Idaho? Also your last post was great! I totally know what you are talking about though about reading something & thinking, "Wait. I didn't mean it like that." One of the biggest reasons why I hate this form of communication.

christina said...

i am so happy you had a great family getaway and created sweet memories :)!

My Froley said...

Wow these pictures and beautiful and the trip looks fab. I really love your photography style! Ugh and tell me about the loads of washing ! I am getting ready to go away for a few months and the amount of last minute washing and ironing I've had to do is unreal!

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