Friday, June 28, 2013

Blue RIver

Caleb and I have talked about going on a family vacation to Oregon since last Summer and last week it finally happened. Caleb's grandparents have a house there that they've told us we can use and we were thrilled to get the chance to. 

  It's about an 8 hour drive so we thought we'd leave in the evening and drive through the night so the kids would sleep most of the way. We found out though that our children don't like to sleep in the car and they only fell asleep for about the last two hours of the trip. 

The drive was really pretty and the kids did well for such a long trip.

 It's amazing how green everything was. Everywhere you turned was gorgeous. This was our view from the kitchen window.

 The first day we were there we drove south to a wild safari park. Elijah has loved hippo's for years and we really wanted to take him to see one. 

On our way back we stopped by my great grandmother's old home. Her house is about 15 minutes from Caleb's grandparents house. I spent a huge amount of my life here until she passed away when I was 17. It was bittersweet seeing it. It brought back a flood of wonderful memories, but made me miss her so much. She felt so close that I could have reached out and touched her. This place holds a huge part of my heart and I think it's incredible that of all the places Caleb's grandparents bought a home they picked a place 15 minutes from some of my sweetest memories growing up. I love that I get to share this part of my life with my kids. 

Caleb's sister and her family met us the second day. It was so fun to vacation with them. The kids loved being with their cousins and never wanted to leave their sides. I think every time Caleb gets together with his family some sort of food fight happens in the kitchen and this was no exception. I think Sarah tried unsuccessfully to stop Caleb from spitting some drink at her.

There were lots of laughs.

Lots of stories told.

 Lots of gorgeous scenery that we could take enough pictures of.

Lots of fishing.

Lots of kisses.

We also got to see a place called the Metolius. It's a natural spring that was one of the most beautiful things I've seen. The water was so clear and blue. 

The trip was practically perfect in every way. 


bandofbrothers said...

oh man i wish i was with ya'll! that trip looks sooo awesome! gorgeous scenery...gorgeous people, inside and out. i bet you guys are a TON of fun to laugh and spit drinks with;)

Purposely at Home said...

oh my goodness. so pretty and so peaceful looking! i'm so glad that y'all had such a wonderful time. :)


Marti said...

What a great trip. I loved seeing it through your pictures. It all looks so cool and fresh.

Katherine said...

WOW! So beautiful! Glad you had such a memorable time!

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