Friday, May 10, 2013

our visit.

 We are coming off of ten days with Caleb's parents. (well, he's dad could only say for four days, but his mom stayed longer)

I don't really like the term 'in law' cause when I tell people that my mother in law is coming to visit their first reaction is sympathy. It's so sad that a relationship that could be so precious is stereotyped with such negativity. I realize that I'm very blessed to have married into the family I did. I do not take it for granted! I look forward to my mom coming and if she found a way to stay longer than ten days we'd be thrilled. I saw somewhere....I truly can't remember where, a girl use the term 'mother in love' I like that much better. 

 So, here is a little bit of our visit. As I was putting the pictures up the kids asked me when Yiayia and Papa were coming back and if they could come play today. They just don't understand the concept of distance yet.
Picking them up from the airport is a favorite. The kids are so so excited. 

We didn't waste anytime...first day they were here and we were off buying Elijah a bike. 

Nay loves her Papa and had him lounging on our hard floors for a tea party.

 Mom kept saying they were sleeping so well...I'd have to disagree. They were so excited they went to be hours past their bed time and rose with the 6:00. But obviously Yiayia doesn't mind:)

Caleb and my favorite memory with them was the night we got a babysitter and just us adults went out to dinner. I was trying to think if the four of us have ever had dinner alone before and I can't remember a time. It was SO. MUCH. FUN. It started with mom and I ditching the guys of a shopping spree at Anthropology. And then a three hour dinner of us laughing and laughing. 

So content in Papa's arms.

 We celebrated Nay's birthday again and Papa and Yiayia got her a bike too. Vanessa couldn't believe it. When she saw the bike she started running towards it saying over and over, oh no! oh no! it's pink! 
(i'm kind of thinking at this point mom was hoping I'd put the camera down and help....but no. I just kept taking pictures:)

We tried out new parks.
Ate out way too much.
had picnics.
each kids got special time with Yiayia.
worked in the yard.
went to the library.
went to the movies.
ice cream shop.
candy shop.
nails were done.
and things I know I'm forgetting. 
The last night we did a family night...which is kind of funny cause every night is family night, but we popped popcorn and started a movie. The movie was a bust so the kids put on a concert. They entertained us for hours. It was another favorite time for everyone.

 Mom surprised Caleb and I with a night away. I don't know what else to say except it was so much fun. I know I'm sounding redundant, but it was. The whole trip was a blast, every part.

Love you Dad and Mom!!!!! Come back....


bandofbrothers said...

so much to say! love all of this!

there is just something about airport pic! the anticipation of reuniting with long-lost loved ones. happy sigh.

papa on the floor with Nay at the tea party. that is too sweet for words.

and i love all the new bikes!!!

so happy you got time away with adults and caleb!!

love you friend!

christina said...

love this! i too love and use the term mother in love. my MIL is soooooooo amazing! Glad you had a lovely time!!!!

Katherine~ said...

Super sweet post. And your MIL is really cute!

Phil and Bri said...

All of this is very awesome! And yes you are blessed with that special relationship. It's perfect!

Purposely at Home said...

you have such a fun and precious family, jessica. so glad that you were able to have some quality time.

happy mom's day to you tomorrow. :)


Brooke said...

Such fun memories and sweet pictures!! I am so glad you had a great visit! Family is the best!! :)

Brooke said...

Such fun memories and sweet pictures!! I am so glad you had a great visit! Family is the best!! :)

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