Wednesday, May 8, 2013


Little Amelia, I feel like she's been a slightly neglected on my blog. That does not mean she's neglected in our home, she makes sure she is known to us. But here, this place on the Internet, it's gotten quieter. With one more child in the mix I'm busy, like most, but the more I pour into my children, the more I see how much they need my time and attention. I like the computer shut off, I like not talking on my phone much, I like not having a t.v. I like writing in my kids baby books and journals. I like reading books. 

But this place is special to me, because I've documented so much that I wouldn't have otherwise. I'm working on turning into a book that I know I'll cherish. Last night was a moment I knew I'd put on here. It's one I wanted documented along side so many things Elijah and Vanessa have done.

 I fell a little more in love with Amelia, and my job as a mother. I looked out my kitchen window and watched her digging in the dirt all by herself. Elijah and Vanessa were playing together inside. She's in that beautiful stage of wonder. Where dirt and grass make her giggle and she listens to the birds with such intensity. She was content playing for hours and I was content to watch her. I remembered when the other two were at this stage. I couldn't drag them inside. Now, Lego's called their names, and dirt didn't appeal as much. All my children love the outdoors and play there regularly, but I'm amazed that at 3 and 4 our tiny yard no longer excites them the way it once did. I understand that's part of growing up and it's a sign of a health mind to want to explore more and need new challenges. I'm just surprised how fast it happens. 

This moment watching Amelia play I loved that I'm privileged to stay home and experience these things with her. I allow the duties of motherhood to sometimes rob me of the pleasure of watching my children. And I can easily forget all the wonder that is around me.

Nay heard the fun and quickly joined. These sisters have so much fun together.


Rebekah Thompson said...

ADORABLE! This reminds me of a picture of me around her age sitting in front of the fire place covered in dirt from head to toe.

79 DAYS!!!

christina said...

you spoke right to me today! love your heart, your such a good mama :)
hope you have a great mothers day!!

katygirl said...

i needed to read this today.

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