Sunday, April 14, 2013

some of our last week....

I just wrote out a long post, which hasn't happened much obviously, but blogger lost it and now I'm back to ground zero. So, instead of the long post here's some pictures from our week.

Spring is favorite time of year. I spent much of my day staring out at what the kids have started calling, mama's tree. 

Amelia likes to find her way to my lap anytime I'm reading. She sits so still and just looks at whatever book I'm reading. I love these moments.

I'm in the trenches of parenting right now. Each morning I think it's going to be a better day than the last, but no. The kids are growing into new stages, testing boundaries, and keeping me on my toes. I'm very thankful for my mom who continually gives me incredible wisdom for parenting them and also helps out by stocking our fridge. 

Friday we went on a date...first one since January. I think we might need to work on that.

Saturday Elijah got his first bike.

He looks so much older riding a bike. It's kind of hard for me to believe it's him.

 He's been a lot more helpful around the house lately and Saturday he told Caleb he wanted to set the table for dinner. I'm not sure how useful the napkins were, but he was so sweet. 

Saturday night was family night....I hope the children always enjoy it as much as they did that night.

 And Sunday was church...Nay was so happy to pick out her own outfit. 

P.S. what are you guys using now that google reader is gone? I'm kind of missing it a lot.


Purposely at Home said...

i LOVED our family nights growing up...treasured memories.

nay did a wonderful job picking out her clothes!!--so cute.

i think alot of people have switched to bloglovin' instead of google reader. it's pretty simple to use. :)


christina said...

awww love your youngest style! and love stocked fridges! and i have you beat i haven't been on a date since nov. to do christmas shopping yikes.!! i need to work on that! oy!

bandofbrothers said...

haha i literally laughed out loud at Elijah's napkin. too funny.

YAY for the bike and stocked fridge!!!

i hear bloglovin is good but have been too lazy to switch. it REALLY is on my list of things to do, lol.

bandofbrothers said...

literally from the moment i wrote the comment above til right now, i just loaded up all my blogs into bloglovin. you just have to enter name/passwword...and with one click of a button it imported all my blogs from google reader into bloglovin. the layout is almost identical. SOOO easy. took around 5 minutes. try it!

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