Monday, April 22, 2013

Never want to forget.

I find myself lying in bed lately, playing things the kids have said or done over and over again in my mind. I want to remember it all. I'm amazed at how things they did frequently became such a part of them and I thought I would never forget it. Then they slowly grow out of it and before I know it they've changed and the thing they did a hundred times a day seems so far away. 

It happened last night. Vanessa asked me to tell her a story from when she was little, I laugh a little thinking she still is little, but I started telling stories of her three years of life. I told her how she used to called Elijah, IE. As soon as I told her, is when it hit me she doesn't do that anymore. The only thing she used to call him over and over again, and now it's just Elijah. 

Things I want to remember....

Elijah asks questions that he already has an answer for. It will go something like this...
Mama, what do you want to do tonight. 
Me: I don't know, probably just go to bed.
Elijah: yeah, but what do you really most want to do tonight.
(he's hoping I'll say watch a movie)

When he enjoys something I cook...
Mama, this tastes like Yum. 

Mama, boys are made out of Chocolate and food.

Instead of using the word, people, he says, human. 
"Mama, those humans are so nice." I kind of feel like we're from another planet when he says that.  

Elijah and Vanessa are getting to a place where they're a little too concerned for the others spiritual well being.
Elijah: Mama, Nay is not acting like a child of God, but I am. 

(Elijah loves to be like his dada. shaving with my comb.)

Vanessa accidentally knocked Elijah. I explained to her that even though it was an accident she still needed to say she was sorry. She got confused somewhere along the way and in her most motherly voice looked at Elijah with finger wagging in his face and said, Elijah, say you're sorry! 
I said, no Nay you say it. She then looked down to the ground and in a quiet whisper said, I'm sorry. Then immediately looked up, resumed her motherly tone and finger waving and said, 
Now, say you forgive me.

I was gone one day for and they had a babysitter. When I came home she was telling me how they did and mentioned there was a little problem at lunch. They were both fighting over who got to pray. Somehow Vanessa won. With a bowed head, closed eyes, and folded hands, she said, "God, please forgive me for being selfish."
Clearly, my parenting needs a little help.

Nay likes to add 's' to the end of her words....dada, yous wants to plays with me? It is incredibly cute. 

Vanessa, sings everything. 
She put on her dada's shirt the other day and said to me,
"when I'm wearing this, it feels like dada's cuddling me."

Amelia isn't saying much, but there is never any question to what she wants. She has learned quickly to hold her own with Elijah and Vanessa. She's the sweetest thing though and loves to be cuddled. She smiles all the time and gets very excited when dada comes home. She won't say mama no matter how hard I try. She says dada, duck, dog, take this, elijah, granddad, but not mama. She's started wearing some of Nay's clothes. Soon I'll be passing Amelia's clothes to Nay. She's going through another growth spurt right now and sleeps all the time. I wasted the first two days of this constant sleeping by worrying what was wrong, but then I remembered Elijah and Vanessa going through these phases and started enjoying the long naps. 

(Vanessa takes the best care of Amelia.)


Jody said...

You are very is very easy to know what Amelia wants. (And that huge grin helps her get it!). :) She is the only kid Dan holds other than his own. Ha!
Luckily Elijah was able to convert all the aliens last Sunday. ;) Kids are so funny.

christina said...

clearly your parenting is right on! I love those little moment when i tell myself to remember this. the smells. the way they look. the sounds.

such a cute post!

Marti said...

Aw, that is so cute. I wish I had written down more of the cute things my kids did because now I have forgotten so much. I would agree that your parenting is just right.

Simply Domestic said...

I'm dying over the cuteness! I love that you are recording cute things they say. It's hard to rely on the memory. What a precious family you have!

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