Monday, April 15, 2013


Sometimes you find your way to our bed in the early mornings, or I nap with you on Saturday afternoons. These are some of my favorite moments with you. When you think I've fallen asleep, which I never have, you cup my face in your hands and kiss me over and over. You then take your tiny little fingers and trace my face. I lay there wishing time would stop. It's in these moments I'm so grateful that I'm your mama. That I'm the one who gets to know you in ways no one else does. I wonder why you're so affectionate when you think I don't know.

You're like that a lot. You love to sing, but not when people watch. And you love to play that you're the mommy with your dolly's, but not if someone looks. You bury your face in your hands and get so shy if you catch me looking. 

I wonder, but really I know how you feel. I often feel shy and insecure. You and I are a lot alike. I see you bury your face in your hands when you catch me looking at you and I can feel what you're feeling. I pray that our similarities draw us closer together. I pray that I'll have wisdom to guide you and compassion for you. I pray you'll trust me, knowing I've walked the road ahead of you. I hope that you'll learn sooner than I did to find you're security in Christ. And I hope you always know how much I adore you.

I love you so so much. 


christina said...

not gonna lie...i got a little teary. super sweet post to your adorable girl.

Purposely at Home said...

so so sweet! nay will definitely treasure being able to look over these posts as she gets older. your family is precious.


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