Friday, April 19, 2013

a little bit of this and that...

Have you noticed that every time you've come to the blog lately something looks a little different? Well, that's cause I'm trying to change my layout a bit, but it's proven to be quite difficult. My sweet friend Davi has been working with me and I'm very thankful, but some of it we just haven't figured it out yet. Bare with me and maybe someday it will be done.

I bought makeup the other day. Something I rarely do. I replace my mascara, but that's about it. I hate to admit it, but I've become one of those moms. The one I said I never would be. The one who is lucky to get a shower in by dinner time and who lives in sweats. It's a far cry from the wife I thought I would be. You can laugh all you want, but when Caleb and I were dating I actually believed that Caleb would never see me without makeup. I thought when we got married that I would wake up, put a little mascara and eyeliner on before Caleb woke up and saw me. Crazy! I really don't know what I was thinking or why I cared that much. But I think I've gone a little too hippie and it's time to start putting a little more effort in how I look. I believe it's important to take care of yourself and I want to stay attractive for Caleb. 

Speaking of Caleb...he's pretty much the greatest...surprised me with flowers, even though I don't shower, took me on a date last week, and watched the Voice with me.

My mom and I have talked a lot about memorizing scripture lately and last night she shared an interview with me with a lady who's been faithfully memorizing scripture for the last thirty years. She talked about how radically it transformed her spiritual life. I believe this is an answer to prayer for me. I've been asking the Lord to show me ways to deepen our relationship and here it is. So simple, know Him by hiding his word in my heart. We're going to start working on memorizing one book of the bible at a time. 

Spring is here. It's been a cold one though and I'm a little concerned for my rose bushes. It's another reminder to me of why I love living in a place with seasons. I enjoy it so so much. I love seeing God's creativity in His creation. Every time I see a new bud I'm amazed. 

My close friends all live out of state. It's felt a little lonely lately. I wish that traveling wasn't so expensive. I've come to appreciate those relationships even more. Isn't it funny how that works. I appreciated them when we lived close, but I didn't understand how sweet those relationships were until we lived apart. It has caused me lean more on my Savior. He is the friend that I'll never be without and that isn't just a far off thought now. It's a reality that has grown very precious to me. 

It's a busy weekend for us. Elijah has his last two soccer games. He's enjoyed playing and it's been really good for him. Nay turns three, which is hard to imagine. She's been looking forward to her birthday since Christmas. She's so excited and when you ask her what she wants she says, pink and Yiayia and Papa. And I have our churches women's retreat, which I should probably go get ready for. 

So, and end to this very random post and have a wonderful weekend.


katygirl said...

i like the voice so much more than american idol this year but i feel the need to be loyal.

kenzie said...

I miss you! thankful for the sweet time we got to have to talk the other day :) much needed!

Kirra said...

loved this little glimpse into what's going on with you guys. we need a phone chat soon! i miss you a ton.

Phil and Bri said...

I love Psalm 119:11 it has been a favorite of mine since my Senior year at Masters. I don't blog much so it was fun to read a post from you! Ive been trying a whole lot harder to get 'ready' everyday...even if its not the shower/make up/blow dry/perfectly pressed clothes kinda get ready that i prefer ;) I can't imagine you not looking gorgeous at all times. Have a great weekend.

bandofbrothers said...

i love you and will be your forever friend, near or far!
so impressed with your memorization of scripture!

and so funny about the makeup. i think it's super cute of you to take the time to doll up for your man.

christina said...

haha i loved this. sometimes i walk by the mirror and i yell to my husband..."you are soooooo i am going to change out of my pjs and into yoga pants.!"

and yes to memorizing scripture! i need to do more of that.!

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