Friday, February 1, 2013

all about snow....

Most of our January was filled with snow. It's kept us inside more than usual as I've found it's a bit challenging to dress the kids and get outside just in time for Elijah to tell me he needs to go to the bathroom. In we come, take off all the clothes that took us twenty minutes to get on and by the time we're back out again....Amelia needs a nap.
 I actually don't mind a bit spending my days taking on and off snow clothes. I LOVE the snow and I've passed the love down. The kids think it's pretty much the coolest thing ever. The other day when we were out in it, Elijah kept telling me, 'mama, this is unbelievable.'

The sun sets early here in the winter and Caleb usually misses playing with the kids outside because of it, but yesterday he made it home in time to do some sledding in the front yard.

Elijah and Nay are inseparable. Watching them together is one of my favorite things to experience as their mama. Look at Nay's eyes watching her brother.

Yeah...we don't have any sleds so a plastic bin had to work.

We've actually gotten to do some real sledding too, without plastic bins. We met up with some friends from church a couple weeks ago and went tubing. The kids ask me all the time if we can go back it was so much fun. Last year when we went Vanessa wasn't too sure about it all and only went down once, this time she didn't want to stop. 

(she thinks she's all ready to go.)


Purposely at Home said...

how fun! your family is so adorable.

i wish we would get snow... last week, it got up to 75 degrees! crazy.


Summer said...

These pictures are all so precious! You are so lucky to have gotten all that snow. We haven't had any almost all winter until today....finally ;)

btw what is your instagram username? :)


bandofbrothers said...

nay's pic in the diaper is a riot. precious babies you have.

love the creativity of using a bin!

so happy you love the snow! i am so pathetic when it comes to the cold and snow, much to the complete dismay of John and the boys. They would wish I were more like you! Your family is blessed to have such a great sport in you!

Kirra said...

I LOVE these pics.

christina said...

haha ok i'm laughing b/c we totally used a storage bid as a " sled " lol

cute pics!

Mickeal Rani said...

Your children inquire us continuously in case you can turn back it turned out much exciting. Recently if we gone Vanessa has not been way too confident over it most in support of occurred after, on this occasion the girl don't need to end.


James said...

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