Thursday, February 7, 2013

the best mama

Elijah stopped playing with his Lego's and crawled in my lap. Kissing me and hugging me he whispered in my ear, you're the best mama in the whole wide world.

I let that scene play over in my mind while I rocked Amelia tonight. When she was finished drinking her bottled she curled her face into my neck and let me hold her. I prayed over her asking the Lord to give her a heart for him and begging his grace over my parenting. 

I fail a hundred times a day. I pray that even through my failures my children would see Christ. I pray that I wouldn't hinder them from walking with him. It's such a weighty responsibility, parenting. 

I dream of things I'd like to do, become a great photographer, write a book, travel, play the piano again, but none of my desires compare to being the best mama for my kids. I know that Elijah only thinks I'm the best mama in the world, cause he's four and he hears me whisper in his ear that he's the best Elijah in the whole wide world. But I do hope I can become one.

(photo's by Lorie)

(and I shared my testimony on my good friend Davi's blog the day if you want to check it out.)

Monday, February 4, 2013


Little Mia, 
you turned 11 months this weekend. I'm remembering a year ago waiting, a little impatiently, to meet you. I was big and uncomfortable and didn't sleep much. We were so anxious to hold you.
 Now a year later, I'm not as big or uncomfortable, but I still don't sleep much:) You are here and I get to hold you everyday. You prefer Daddy to hold you, but lucky for me he's gone all day, so I get you. You are the most cuddly happy girl. 

You adore your brother and sister and work hard to keep up with them. You do not like to be left behind. Vanessa likes to take care of you and tells me often that "she'll feed you cause she's your sister." When you wake up in the morning or from a nap the kids run to your room and climb in the crib with you. Elijah can make you laugh so so hard. I like listening to you all from the other room.  

You took your first step on Saturday. I want you to take your time and slow down growing a bit, but you wont listen. Your teeth just keep popping through. I think we've been teething for a solid three months. Right now you're working on number 7 and 8. You like to play peek a boo with me while I'm changing your diaper and you think you're pretty funny. You eat anything, as long as you can do it yourself. 

On Friday, Nana took Elijah and Nay. You weren't happy to see them go, but I was thrilled to have a little time with just you. It's rare that I get to just enjoy you without interruptions. We read books, sang songs, and giggled a lot. It reminded me of the quiet days when I just had Elijah. I love our moments together. You're so precious to our family Amelia. 
Love, Mama. 

Friday, February 1, 2013

all about snow....

Most of our January was filled with snow. It's kept us inside more than usual as I've found it's a bit challenging to dress the kids and get outside just in time for Elijah to tell me he needs to go to the bathroom. In we come, take off all the clothes that took us twenty minutes to get on and by the time we're back out again....Amelia needs a nap.
 I actually don't mind a bit spending my days taking on and off snow clothes. I LOVE the snow and I've passed the love down. The kids think it's pretty much the coolest thing ever. The other day when we were out in it, Elijah kept telling me, 'mama, this is unbelievable.'

The sun sets early here in the winter and Caleb usually misses playing with the kids outside because of it, but yesterday he made it home in time to do some sledding in the front yard.

Elijah and Nay are inseparable. Watching them together is one of my favorite things to experience as their mama. Look at Nay's eyes watching her brother.

Yeah...we don't have any sleds so a plastic bin had to work.

We've actually gotten to do some real sledding too, without plastic bins. We met up with some friends from church a couple weeks ago and went tubing. The kids ask me all the time if we can go back it was so much fun. Last year when we went Vanessa wasn't too sure about it all and only went down once, this time she didn't want to stop. 

(she thinks she's all ready to go.)

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