Wednesday, January 16, 2013

the best part...

being there. 
We really enjoyed our time. It was packed and we made the most of our three weeks. The first couple nights were spent at my sis in laws house. Our time there was so sweet, just being with each other. I miss them terribly.

Elijah was in heaven spending time with his only boy cousin (on this side of the family)

My sister Becky was able to drive up to see us. She's only see Amelia once she was born and her husband Kyle hadn't met her yet, so it was a special treat to have them. It was a quick trip, one night, but it meant the world to us that they came. 

Nay LOVED Uncle Kyle.

Daddy met us a couple days after we got into town and we were so happy to see him.

Nay had asked Yiayia to take her to get her nails painted weeks before we went down. She was so so happy when we were finally able to go.

Mom and I got to sneak away for a quick coffee date. I love our times together.

Went to Les Miserables with Caleb and his youngest brother...and might have gone one more time later in the week...and i would probably go again if someone would take me.

Christmas Eve.

Christmas Morning.

And that was only the first week....more to come.


Kelly said...

i didn't realize that there are now 10 grandkids. i bet Yiayia was in heaven. i love that you all got to spend the holidays together.

Kirra said...

love seeing these pics friend. so glad i got to see you!

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