Monday, January 14, 2013

lets start at the very beginning...

There's so much to tell from our trip, so even though most of you are moving on to 2013 I'm going to be staying in December for a little while longer.

I think I gave myself an ulcer I was so nervous to fly alone with the kids. I really wasn't sure how I was going to do it, but not only did we arrive safely, it actually went very smooth. It was hard, but it couldn't have gone better and I was hit somewhere between our lay over and landing in Burbank that God is so kind to care about the seemingly little things in my life. He took care of every little detail and showed me his love for me through it all. 

Although, this might get a little boring for y'all, I want to write out all the answered prayers.

It started with them letting Caleb help me through security with the kids. Last time I flew they didn't let him and I'm not sure if it was the baby in my arms that pushed them over the edge, but they gave him a pass and we went through without any problems. 

(nay was terrified of take off and landing...this was after she was done screaming, but not ready to let go of Elijah.) 

Then, it was time for us to board. We hugged Caleb good-bye and my stomach was in knots. My mind was scrambling for any reason to not go through with it. (I know this might seem like a slightly dramatic response considering all I was doing was flying with three kids, but it felt like a big deal:) 
 I handed the lady our tickets, but she said we were missing one. How did I loose a ticket from security to here? I know that there was a lot going on, but I'm usually really good at keeping track of everything. I couldn't believe it. I looked at the lady with pleading eyes, hoping she would say I didn't really need it and let me on the plan, but she just stared back. We were going to have to go back to the check in counter and have another ticket printed and we'd miss our flight. Right then, the lady working next to her said, wait I have the ticket right here. They forgot to give it to you and sent it down, but never thought you'd make it through security.
We were back on track and it wasn't even me who 
lost the ticket. So happy.

(she was an angel...and she loved to sleep with one leg up)

We made it to our seats and Elijah and Vanessa were thrilled. They thought it was the most exciting thing, until take off. Vanessa was terrified, but once we were up she did fine and started to like it again. We were surrounded by kind helpful people and the kids did wonderful. We hit down in Seattle and the flight attendant told me that we'd have to take the train to our gate that was at the opposite side of the airport. It was a long way to go, without a lot of time so I started to gather our things ready to run for it and the man sitting in front of us turned around and said, what do I do? He grabbed a hand and a bag and helped us get off the plane. Then stood with me in the freezing cold while I waited for my stroller. Set the stroller up for me and made sure I was alright before he started to leave. Then we both turned around at the same time and saw two flights of stairs we had to climb to get inside the airport. With no elevator or ramp in sight he turned to me and said I'll carry the stroller and Elijah you take the girls. He was incredibly kind I kept me from tears a couple times. 

(the pilot let us in the cockpit) 

Once inside I went to double check my gate and when I looked they'd changed it and it was right next to where we'd come out of. No running across the airport trying to make our flight. I found a quiet corner and fed the kids and Amelia took a nap until our next flight. 

(my arms full of blessings)

The next flight also went smooth and again we were surrounded by helpful people. I was so thankful. We had no major melt downs, no accidents, no discipline issues. By the time we landed in Burbank we were all exhausted, but so happy and thankful. 

I hate to admit that even though God was so faithful, as the time drew near for me to come home I started to get nervous again. I really didn't want to fly home alone. Elijah and I were sick and I was exhausted already. I didn't know how I was going to do it, but again God reminded me that I can't do anything in my own strength. I really started praying that I would have faith that God would meet our needs and He completely calmed my heart. I was less nervous flying home sick and exhausted then flying there. The peace in my heart was the greatest answer to prayer.

(getting her diaper changed on the airport floor...oh so clean)

The trip home didn't go so all. Before we got to the airport I'd already cried multiple times. I felt miserable. Elijah wasn't doing well. Amelia was teething and sweet Nay was the only one holding it together. I almost lost Elijah. We had some bathroom breaks that I never want to relive. And there was no help to be found. But we made it home safely. God is still good. And I was sanctified. God taught me lessons in trusting his strength and patience I wouldn't have learned otherwise. He was just as faithful as on the flight down, but it looked different. I often see God through my narrow vision. I put him in boxes and expect him to work the way I work and he never does. He's so much bigger, so much greater, and his plan is always so much better. I love that in all things, he's working and pointing us back to him, even if it's through an plane ride with three little kids. 

(couldn't be happier to be greeted by papa and yiayia.)


Purposely at Home said...

so happy to read how God carried you through. you are definitely a super momma, Jessica. :) i hope you are having a happy day.


brittany said...

i really love your perspective on things. you are such an encouragement! oh, and that man that helped you off the plane...that story brought tears to my eyes. so glad you had a great trip and you're back home safe!!

katygirl said...

that picture of amelia on the bathroom floor is a keeper. her eyes are gorge.

christina said...

praise god.! you are my new hero! I don't even like going to the store with 3 kiddos alone. lol. job well done mama!

bandofbrothers said...

amelia has the most amazing eyes!

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