Monday, January 28, 2013


Last night as I was falling asleep I prayed that God would wake me up at 5:00 a.m. Although, I love mornings, lately it's challenging to wake up early. Whatever reasons I can make don't seem that important when 7:00 rolls around and I haven't spent time with God. Our days start full force, the kids need diapers changed, breakfast needs to be prepared, and sin starts early, so before 8:00 I'm already in the midst of life and it's hard to slow down. 
I needed God to help me get good rest and wake up with enough energy to read my bible without falling asleep.

This morning I opened my eyes at 4:56. I was a little tired, but refreshed. I put the kettle on and went to see if it was snowing...I'm always hoping that it is. Waking up to snow makes me giddy. I love it. It was black outside my windows, but I could see little flakes that looked like falling diamonds. As the sun started to rise I could see snow covering the ground and frost on every branch.

"I will recount the steadfast love of the Lord, the praises of the Lord, according to all that the Lord has granted us."
Isaiah 63:7

God's faithfulness surrounds me and watching the snow fall makes me see it again. It's easy for me to think back and recount God's steadfast love. It happens everyday and often is taken for granted. Knowing God is faithful gives me such strength during trials and I'm thankful that I can look back on the road I've walked and see Him every step, but knowing He is faithful doesn't erase the pain trials can bring. My day is starting fresh, but I'm weary from burdens that haven't yet lifted.

 Tears come easily lately. I find myself in a constant place of needing God's strength. If I try to push through for a moment in my  own my mind is quickly overtaken with worry. I tire of my weakness and long for the day when I will no longer struggle. I'm so thankful for God who loves me despite my sin. I read this quote the other day. It wasn't something that was profoundly new to me, but it hit me in a way it never had before. I've drawn much comfort from it lately.

"Yet it is no strange thing that has happened to you, as Peter said in his epistle, it gives you a share in Christ's suffering. To me this is one of the deepest but most comforting of all the mysteries of suffering. Not only does He enter into grief in the fullest understanding, suffering with us and for us, but in the very depths of sorrow He allows us, in His mercy, to enter into His; 
gives us a share, permits us the high privilege of filling up that which is lacking in His own. He makes, in other words, something redemptive out of our broken hearts, if those hearts are offered up to Him. We are told that he will never despise a broken heart. It is an acceptable, sacrifice when offered wholly to Him for His transfiguration. Oh, there is so much for us to learn here, but it will not be learned in a day or a week. Level after level must be plumbed as we walk with the Shepherd, and He will do His purifying, purging, forging, shaping, work in us, that we may be shaped to the image of Christ Himself. Such shaping takes a hammer, a chisel, and a file-painful tools, a painful process."
Elisabeth Elliot. 


bandofbrothers said...

first of all, these pictures are out of this world.

second, if feel as though i could have written this post myself. my life echoes everything you wrote.

i have been so convicted lately. thanks for sharing.

Care said...

Such deep beautiful words... I can feel God's faithfulness through the breath taking pictures!

Rebekah Thompson said...

LOVE the pictures.. Wow I miss home. And what great verses and quotes to dwell on!

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