Thursday, December 13, 2012

On gift giving...

Gift giving is one of my favorite things and limited funds is the only thing slowing me down. I daydream of gifts people would enjoy and love surprising them. Sometime in July my mind is already thinking about Christmas morning and what's waiting to be opened under the tree. What I'm not a fan of is the stress Christmas presents can bring and the way presents can cloud what we're truly celebrating. 

I cringe at the idea of our children caring more about the gifts and seeing Christ's birth as an afterthought. I want the month of December to be a special time of Celebrating Jesus' birth and the gift giving to be an outflow of that. 

So, Caleb and I have talked a lot about how we'll celebrate Christmas and the way we'll give gifts. Our kids are young and we're still figuring things out. I know we'll try somethings and find they didn't work too well and have to readjust the next year, but here are some things that help our family with gift giving.


I really do try and have all shopping done before December 1st. That way I'm not stressed. This is an important one because I believe that I play a huge role in setting the tone in our home and if I'm stressed about buying gifts and spending lots of time shopping instead of with my family I'm not a happy girl. This also helps with budgeting because a lot of planning has happened and I'm not running around like a chicken with it's head cut off making rash purchases.

I've heard of a number of ways people give...the three rule, something to read, something they need, something they want, etc. I think these are a great ideas and got me thinking on how we would do it. This is what we came up with....
We'll give two main gifts a year. One, is a gift that shows love and two, is a give of sacrifice. The possibilities are endless on what you could give, but what we're trying to get at is the heart behind the gift. That the giver has thought through what would bless and bring joy to the person receiving. The questions stem from the gift that God gave us in sending his son. He gave his Son to die for our sins, a sacrifice, and He did it because he loves us. This helps us keep Christ at the center of everything. 

I also buy them a book. I like to the idea of wrapping up 25 books and opening one each night as we count down to Christmas. I've started our collection with some being Christmas books and some just being favorite stories. Each year we'll add one book to the collection.

They get pajama's from their Papa and Yiayia on Christmas Eve.

Stockings are just fun. Mostly filled with the things that we grew up getting...candy, an orange, etc.

I'm not sure if this one will change as the kids get older, but we don't put presents under the tree until Christmas Eve. (We did this at first cause our kids are so small and they would tear them open way before Christmas morning:) But we ended up liking the excitement in the kids when they woke up Christmas morning and were surprised with presents. And we also liked that presents weren't the center of our conversations. 

These are some of our thoughts around Christmas presents...and like I said, they could change as the kids grow, but for now it works. I would love to hear what you do.

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christina said...

loved reading all you ideas! i get everyone else shopping out of the way and save my kiddos until the very end. they change their minds a lot and I get so excited I want to give them the gift right away/ lol.
I used to pick out a different wrapping paper for each kid so that way they could see who's was who's ... now they can read their names so i don't bother ;)

and yes we remember the real reason for the season...jesus :)

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