Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Happy Birthday Elijah Michael.

My boy is four. I tried to see if we could skip four and just do three again, but he told me, "it's too late, I'm already four." How bittersweet it is to watch him grow. We enjoy every new stage, but I ache for him to stay little. As he grows it seems like time flies a little faster and I'll never get this time back. I love that little guy. He's who made me a mommy and he's taught me so much. 

He came jumping into my lap during rest time today and said he just needed to cuddle. I held him tight and told him four of my favorite things about him.

His tender heart. I pray that translates to a softness towards the Lord. 

His love for his family. He loves us all so so much.

His creativity and seeing his imagination at work.

His humor. He makes us smile.

As soon as I was done he asked me how old I was. I told him 29 and he said he'd tell me 29 things he loved about me. Things that made his list...

that I love him.

that I cuddle him.

that I tell him secrets.

that I was wearing a pink shirt.

that I have long hair.

and my favorite...a long neck. 

Happy Birthday Elijah. Mama loves you forever.


bandofbrothers said...

a long neck? lol. cute. the things kid's say. and that is totes adorbs that he made a list for you too.

he's so very sweet and cuddly! happy birthday to your dear boy!

christina said...

awww happy birthday to your boy!

Rebekah Thompson said...

I love you Elijah!!!

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