Monday, November 5, 2012

For such a time as this.

Our friends have boarded a plane and landed in South Africa by now. It's so surreal. I can't believe they're no longer twenty minutes away. I lived on the verge of tears for the first week after they left and sometimes still break down, but it's starting to sink in that we won't see them for three and a half years. We really didn't know them long, but our friendship formed fast and deep. I'm kind of surprised. It usually takes me awhile to develop friendships, but this was instantaneous. It felt like we knew each other forever. I believe it's a testimony to the bond we share in Christ. It's only because of our mutual love for him that we were so easily able to let down walls and be vulnerable with one another. God knew we needed this friendship, "for such a time as this."

I find that without taking each thought captive it's easy to wonder why God would bring such special people into our lives for us to just have to say good-bye. I stop the thoughts almost as soon as they come though, because they're not helpful. I must trust his plan regardless of my understanding of it. I'm also incredibly thankful to know them and would take anytime with them over not. 

The children miss them and the fact that they now life across the world is a truth they do not grasp. I've bought a map for Elijah's room and show them where they live now, but Elijah still asks if we can go see them. He thinks it's as easy as driving to the park. It's a hard reality that they are learning, but one they will continue to learn throughout they're lives. Good-byes will never go away in this lifetime.

It seems that for our married life we've had lots of transitions that brought about many good-byes to close friends. It's hard and I feel like little pieces of my heart are all over. But with each transition I've seen God's faithfulness and kindness. He's always provided for our needs and usually in unexpected ways. As much as I miss them I wouldn't want them to be anywhere, but Africa. They're beautiful examples of following God in obedience no matter what he asks.

We love you. 
(if you'd like to follow along with their journey, she blogs here)


bandofbrothers said...

aw jess. my heart is literally aching for you because i have said goodbyes like this one too many times in my life.

you have a wonderful perspective. and the one thing i have learned over the years when friends say goodbye: God has ALWAYS been faithful to provide new faces to love. I'm sure He has something wonderful in store for you.

what an adorable family of 4 boys! i think i'm in love;) will have to follow along on their awesome adventure. how inspiring.

i love you! and remember! i'm only one call and text away!

Summer said...

How hard and sad to have to say goodbye to such good friends :( But you speak beautiful words of truth that clearly show your trust in God! :)


christina said...

how exciting for them!? praise god that they listened and followed his plans :)

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