Thursday, September 27, 2012

The Harrell's

 We recently meet a family at our church preparing to leave for the mission field in South Africa and they've become fast friends. I told Caleb the other night I can't believe how easy the friendship came about and how sad I am that they have to leave. 

The husband is a pilot and training with MAF (mission aviation fellowship). We were able to go over last week and have a tour and see all the planes. The children loved it and it was incredible to see the work God is doing.  

The remains of Nate Saint's plane.

Elijah held Nay's hand everywhere.

They completely strip the planes and rebuild them and build many of the parts of the plane.

Elijah keeps asking me when we're moving to Africa to be missionaries. Both the children have fallen in love with this family and we will miss them so much.


Kiley said...

We have genuinely enjoyed them as well... and will be sad when they leave.. Isnt MAF awesome - we have been there over a dozen times and before our first time there over 2 years ago Eli decided he wanted to be a Missionary Pilot and "bomb" other countries with food.... He still has that desire - except the word bomb is now replaced with provide ;)

bandofbrothers said...

aw, i'm so sad when good friends leave:(

such adorable pictures.

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