Thursday, August 16, 2012

five months {a little late}

you bring incredible joy to our family.
I could have never imagined how much Elijah and Vanessa would love you. 
I call you my dream. You let me hold you and kiss you and cuddle you all the time. You pop your thumb in your mouth and quietly go wherever we take you. (you're our only one who found their thumb) 
You smile easily. Your Propa says it seems like you're just waiting for the chance to smile at something.
You are God's gracious gift to our family.
Love you.

(Nay felt a little left out of our photo shoot, so we let her join in the end) 


katygirl said...

I love the way she sucks her thumb too. It's darling. Also, seeing you for 2 hours has done a number on me and I'm really missing you and wishing we were closer.

Jody said...

She is looking more and more like Vanessa.
And all these California people need to stop telling you to move away.....we love having you in Idaho. :)

christina said...

so sweet! those pics are so so so so cute!!!

bandofbrothers said...

so so happy i got to steal some cuddles and smiles from her on our visit. she is absolutely the most precious little thing ever!!!

Summer said...

what a sweet sister picture that last one is :)

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