Friday, June 29, 2012


Caleb and I are blessed to have big loving families. Since Amelia joined the bunch our California family has been making a huge effort to come meet her.
 Last month Caleb's brother sister in law came with their little girl and stayed a week. It was wonderful being able to spend time with them. Amelia was a little challenging that week and I felt bad that they came when things we'ren't running there smoothest. But they were so gracious and we made the most of our time together. Elijah and Vanessa absolutely LOVED Kahlan. They barely let her out of their sight the whole time. 
Unfortunately I didn't pull the camera out until right before they left. I quickly snapped a couple shots before they loaded up. Amelia just woke up and wasn't loving the idea of a photo shoot and Elijah was so excited he could barely sit still, but at least we got something.

Then last week my sister Becky came. We were bummed that her hubby couldn't join her, but the kids had a blast playing with her. She gets so silly with them and makes them laugh till they cry. It was wonderful. 

Our time went by way too fast. I seriously felt like she'd barely gotten here and she was leaving. I can't believe it will be Thanksgiving before I see her again.

I told her one of the thing I wanted to do with her while she was here was make strawberry jam. We planned one day to do it and I told her I'd be over after the kids naps. When I walked in the door I saw this on the counter. 

She'd made three batches of strawberry jam for us. I couldn't believe it. I'll think of her everytime I pull a new container out of the freezer. 


Sharstin said...

so much fun to have family around--and even some yum jam! how cute is that pict of the babes on the couch! love..

bandofbrothers said...

yay for family! you guys are loved.

and so awesome about the strawberry jam.--my fav!

kenzie said...

aw how fun! I hope one day {sooner rather than later} we can come visit you too!! although, you might try to keep us there ;)

Simply Domestic said...

Families are wonderful! The jam looks amazing. Yum!

Summer said...

Ummm :) homemade strawberry jam sounds AMAZING!

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