Friday, May 18, 2012

somehow he just knows...

It's one of life's great blessing to watch your children growing, to see the miracle of their lives. Going from a little bundle to maturing little people with unique personalities. 
The changes are so dramatic in these early years. They go from lying there unable to do anything to walking and talking in such a short time. 

I've been amazed seeing the changes in Elijah since Amelia came. He's become my little helper grabbing diapers when I need them, helping Vanessa when I can't get to her and encouraging me along the way. He loves the role of big brother.
Last night I was home alone with the children and I was getting them ready for bed. 
Amelia was crying.
Vanessa was crying.
I was moving as fast as I could to meet their needs, but it just wasn't fast enough. The house felt chaotic. 
Once I'd taken care of the girls and things were quieting down I went to check on Elijah. He'd cleaned his room by himself and was waiting for me in his bed. 
I felt so blessed. 

Many nights training him to clean up after himself can be a battle, but it was like he just knew that tonight I didn't have the energy.
I tucked him in and thanked him for helping me. He looked at me and said no thank you mama. 

I was listening to a sermon the other day and the pastor talked about not getting too excited with the successes in parenting or too discouraged with the failures. He said this is a long road we're walking and was encouraging us not to get short sighted in our role as parents. 
I know I have a lot more training to do, but I am incredible thankful for these moments God gives me. 
I love you, Elijah, and love watching you grow. (even if it happens too fast.)


Denise said...

oh, i think you should get excited! you should all out delight (as you have here in this post) in the fruit produced by the training. from my experience (and mine are 14,12,10 now). the more i delighted, the more the kids wanted to delight.

this post of yours reminds me so much of my oldest, noah. it is still his character today. i expect it always will be! and that thrills me to no end.

kaylee@life chasers said...

So,so sweet. What a blessing he is!

katygirl said...

Okay. So. I'm not quite sure if I've had as bad of a day parenting as I had today. I cried allll day. I really needed to read this - especially what the pastor said.

Bekki said...

OH give that little turtle a HUGE hug and kiss for me. I cannot wait to play with him!

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