Wednesday, May 2, 2012

just because

just because i'm exhausted.

just because every girl needs some oversized sunglasses. 

just because eating under the table is more fun.

 just because i believe in handwritten notes.

 just because "sometimes little boys just need their mama's." 
(elijah's words:)
 (taco date with elijah)

 just because i couldn't handle the flies anymore.

just because they remind me of my great-grandmother.

 just because every seven week old needs to know how to shoot a pop gun.

 just because she might be the sweetest thing ever.


Emily Anderson said...

That pop gun tutorial shot is SO beyond adorable! What a sweet family you have! :-)

Rebekah said...

I love "just because" posts. :)

Bekki said...

I LOVED eating under the table. Deb and I did it as often as possible. Also, those flowers remind me of Granny too! I have hydrangeas because of her

Kiley said...

i adored your "just because"..

Sarah Z. said...

Lots of hugs and kisses...just because. =)

Katherine~ said...

Jessica~ I kinda melted at "sometimes little boys just need their mama's" because this mama of several boys gets it! I really enjoyed this post. You did a great job at simply capturing sweet, every day moments.

Thank you also for your meaningful comment on my blog. Thank you for the encouragement.


katygirl said...

Loved this post!! Might steal it one day. And give you credit of course. ;)

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