Sunday, April 29, 2012

keeping me laughing...

My dad asked me the other day if I enjoy my children or if I just see the work. I think he knew the answer. 
If you know me at all you know that I enjoy my children. Yes, they are work. This season of time is a lot of physical work. They can't make their meals, dress themselves, or bath themselves. They pretty much need help with everything they do and make messes faster than I can clean them. It can get exhausting, especially when you're doing these things on little sleep.

My mom keeps reminding me to laugh a lot. 
Laugh when Elijah decides to flush his underwear down the toilet cause it's "a little dirty."
Laugh when Nay is trying to share her raisins with Amelia. 
Laugh when Elijah comes bursting into our room at 4:00 A.M. riding his toy horse (that makes a lot of noise) ready to play. Waking Amelia up who finally fell asleep. 

I have to laugh or sometimes I'd cry. 

Many times they make it so easy. 
Like the time Elijah told me he was a man cause he "almost has a beard." Or when he told me he NEEDED another cliff bar cause he was loosing ALL his muscles.
Nay barely speaks, cause Elijah never stops, but just hearing her soft sweet voice puts a smile on my face.  
She loves to touch her nose to Amelia's and say, "hi Mia, Mia, Mia." 
She also gets so happy when Elijah wakes up and goes running to his room saying, IE.
I think my favorite thing to hear her say is "ub you" for love you. Or maybe when she says, "hold me."
Elijah asked me the other day if my arms hurt cause   he's not in them. 
I asked him what he'd like to do today and he thought for a minute and then said, "well, we could do somptin (something) like a farty."(party, he replaces p's with f's. makes for some interesting words at times.) 
I'll ask him what he's doing and he'll say, "no fing." (nothing) 

The other day he said, "mom I have a great idea, how about I hold Amelia!" I told him that sounded good and laid her on his lap. He preceded to tell her the story of the three little pigs.

It's precious to watch him care for his sisters. 
A couple nights ago he came into my room while I was still feeding Amelia. Once I was done I told him I was going to go eat now and he told me, "it's okay mom, go eat your dinner, I'll take care of Amelia for you." 

I can't imagine ever forgetting the sweet things they say, or the tone they say them in, or the expressions they have when they say them, but I know I will. I need to keep writing them down so I can be reminded of these precious times. 
Enjoying my kids. 

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Em S said...

That is so sweet!

lacey said...

what a sweet post :) your kiddos are beautiful! i can't wait to write down all of the silly and sweet things noah says once he starts talking!

stopping by from bits of splendor :)

bandofbrothers said...

Lijah kills me! he is so advanced! and so very funny with the farty. hahahaha.

ness is just precious. and amelia? she's looking so amazing!!!LOVE

hannah singer said...

beautiful family!
loved this post, and agree that sometimes we laugh or we could cry :)

press on, cute mama!

theolivetree said...

great post and so sweet! My middle is super quite too...b/c my oldest talks non-stop as well :)

katygirl said...

This post was so fun!! Loved it!

Katherine~ said...

Great post, Jessica! Thanks for the reminder to laugh more... I needed it! How wonderful it is that your parents ask you honest questions, and remind you of what's important!

p.s. I still haven't found someone to take Jacob's clothes... If you lived closer I have bag loads for you.

Kelly said...

they are so precious.

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