Monday, March 26, 2012

This weekend...

was beautiful. Spring is here and everything is turning green.

 Caleb and the kids did lots of yard work.
(elijah dressed himself and when i went to put pants on him caleb looked at me like i was crazy and informed me he doesn't need pants,)

 Little miss and I of course spent lots of time together.

Caleb spolied me and let me run out and get my toes done. I sat there with my Real Simple in heaven. Getting my toes done is one of my favorite things.

 We're house hunting and during one of my late night feedings I came across this beauty. We took a look at it this weekend. A gorgeous farmhouse built in 1910 sitting on five acres. 
Yes please...too bad it's way out of our price range.

 The very best part of our weekend....
 Yiayia came to visit!



Laura@Splendor said...

such a beautiful house! love it.

looks like a sweet family filled weekend. perfect.

bandofbrothers said...

love the color of your toenails!!! and yay for Yiayia!!!

katygirl said...

Did Patrice tell you I saw her? She's a doll. I want a pedicure.

Sharstin said...

that house is gorgeous!
don't you love spring! playing in the dirt--pants optional--all great things!

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